Calling all musicians... well, lyricists, really.

SillyRabbit wrote:

...and this is Reason to Stalk Fletcher #102! Or is it #1? I forget how they're sorted...Lobo?

They're sorted according to the number of people who have perished while adopting that specific reason to stalk Fletcher; from least to most. Stalking Fletcher ain't easy, let me tell you, and if you're in it for the wrong reasons, death is almost certain.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure the Wiener Bomb song would qualify as reason #102.

Both Fletch's and Demi's links are 404'd. Someone needs to re-upload one or both. There are Coffee Grinders that need indoctrinating.

Not just Grinders, I've never heard them either.

We need someone on this, stat!

Arise, Weiner bomb thread! If anyone has a copy of this epic song, please get ahold of me. A whole new generation of Weiner Bombers needs to hear this!