Can you have too much stuff? **NSFW**

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Friday, April 29, 2005 - 9:46pm


Yeah, back from the day Lobo still posted... *snirf*

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soap center?

D''oh, I wrote the paragraph below, then realized that I should probably qualify it by saying that I''m a soapmaker. I make organic, aromatherapy, all natural soap and other bath/body products.

Well, one has to have a place to store the soap, once the soap is made, and the giant molds for doing big batches, and the aromatherapy section where I work on scent recipes, and all the stuff for filling gift baskets, plus spray bottles for spritzers, jars for unguents, bathsalts, bath bombs, scrubbies, massage butters and the like. And packaging and shipping materials...which are bulky. Frankly, I had no idea how much inventory space I would need.

And now that I''m thinking about expanding from just doing custom and handmade organic/aromatherapy bath and body products into also doing gift baskets, I''ll need even more room in there. I''m beginning to think I should just wallpaper the place with pegboard. So, that room is my next big project.

Be careful not to throw out DuckiLama, he might be lost somewhere in all that stuff.

Sheesh, and I get annoyed with my wife when she puts a display of ten teapots up on some shelves. Guess I have it good.

Na, the Duck has a fortress of his *own* stuff to protect him from my stuff. And 10 teapots? Oh yeah, that''s not even slightly packratty. 60 teapots, 40 of them in boxes, never to be opened...that''s packratty.

Ho-ly cow! That''s a lot of stuff.

Indeedlily doodily. I feel better, the house looks better...and I just need to save the page of this house on my harddrive, and anytime I start slacking...load that bad boy up and motivate myself with terror. ;)

We need to talk. I'm just getting into soapmaking myself.


Gah, I just realized this thread was from 2005.

Minus the parakeets, my godmother is exactly like this. And my mother is a cleaning nut. My godmother recently fell over in her home and was unable to walk for a while, ended up in a nursing home for about two months. My mother took the time to purge the place of everything she could. Ebay was not the problem here, QVC was, and an unerring need to tape record hours upon hours of television. Assuming every video tape she owns is full to the brim of 8-hour segments (yes, she would record 8 hours worth of television in one shot), she has enough content there to cover, most likely, the rest of her life, if she stopped doing everything else and just watched the tapes. Piles and piles of tapes. And the QVC problem... You would not believe how much brand-spanking-new, unopened stuff my mother found as she dug through layer after layer of crap.

The happy ending is that she was overjoyed when she came home and found that most of it had been cleaned up.

And a brief moment of amusement when she noticed a rug under a chair which she uses pretty much exclusively and said, "Where'd you get that rug?" and my mother answered, "Uh... It's been there."

There is a show on A&E called 'Hoarders' about compulsive hoarding. It's quite sad.

They usually end up finding various dead cats under everything.

Wow, Shall we go or the Threepeat of Thread Necromancy on this thread?

It's all Mex's fault. I was searching for the STD thread, and came upon this one during the search. Since I had recently given sometimesdee a rather poor exploration of the Weiner Bomb, and she has been into soap making lately, I had to send her the link.

The things you own end up owning you. ~Tyler Durden


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The things you own end up owning you. ~Tyler Durden

combined with this

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sometimesdee ... has been into soap making lately...

gives me shivers.