All hell breaks loose on the Blizzard forums

Not sure if anyone else saw this but apparently all the mods took yesterday off. Some of the stuff up there is mighty offensive but simultaneously amusing. Threads with witty titles like "Jesus was gay" seem to be the norm. My favorite though was the poster telling the mod to "STFU" after a post about a server crash.

Better check it out before it dissappears!

Just goes to show you people on forums are idiots, present company excluded of course. Hiding behind an invisible wall with no accountability makes people turn into their true immature, whiny, idiotic selves. I think they should ban everyone who started a post off topic, it would be pretty cool and those people would get what they deserve!

/case of the mondays

I don''t think they are invisible. I think you have to be a Blizzard account holder to post.

That is true, but not like Blizz is going to show up at your house to kick your ass.

Yes, it would be cool if they temp-suspended the accounts for like three days, or even just banned there forum access for a month. It would curb a lot of the immature, off topic and against TOS posts that go on there.

It''s because of people like that on the Blizzard fourms why this is the first and only board I post on. While it is kinda funny to see the fourms go to chaos in just one day because the admins took a break, it is still a sad display of behaviour. Funny, but still sad.

Makes you amazed that anyone would actually want the job of moderating those forums...given the amount of posts that you have to delete on a given day.

Check out Kissing Hank''s Butt. It is absolutely hilarious! And somwhere down the line you''ll see the satire...

Either it''s all been pushed way down the forums, it has been deleted, or my forum fu is not so good. Most of what I see is the drek I see everytime I foolishly wade into the cesspool that is the general forum.

They deleted/locked Ducki when they came back into the office today. At like 9:00am there was all kinds of crap out there, by lunchtime it was gone.