(Expired) Dell 2005FP $599 CDN! Today Only!


Similar to the deal GameGuru posted yesterday (something like $485 USD). Free Shipping as well - but today only. I decided to go this route for now and wait until later this year when the 2405FP drops a few bills.

Only thing is, they estimated delivery to March 29 - seems like quite a wait.

I couldn't stack any coupons unfortunately. If you guys can, let me know.

Swat, I''m going to have your children some day. I''ve lined up a buyer for my new (last week) L90D+ and I''m ordering this bad boy now!

Glad to help Certis, I think we''d have ugly children though.

I''m still need to call Dell (Monday) and get my 5% EPP off that, saves another $30. If I find a way to shoot you that as well I will.

Finally I can retire my old ass autocad monitor I''ve been using for at least 8 years. It smells like burnt stuff lately.

Definitly let me know! My monitor is now ordered

Yeah, if I had my tax return already I would have ordered it during the US deal the other day.

Perhaps when I do get my return it will be cheap again in my neck of the woods. Then again perhaps not.

If I hadn''t just bought a new vehicle I''d so buy a second one of these. But seeing as I can''t exactly commute or take my daughter to gymnastics with a monitor, I''ll have to settle with the vehicle.

Great price though.

Certis, do you have a ship date yet? There were some talks of backordering, but I called the Dell CSR today and they said it was shipped today with a 7-10 day ETA.

Certis, do you have a ship date yet? There were some talks of backordering, but I called the Dell CSR today and they said it was shipped today with a 7-10 day ETA.

I just talked to a CSR and he told me it would probably be shipping out on Friday (from Texas) and show up either on the 24th or the week of the 28th. It''s funny, all their stuff comes from the same holding warehouses the rest of their ""international"" product are shipped from. That''s completely different than the ""we have less stock than the US"" BS a rep was giving me a month ago when I tried to swing a deal with them

According to the Dell site it shipped out on the 15th. I sort of doubt it, but maybe I''ll see it this coming week.

Good news Certis, looks like I *just* missed the courier this afternoon but it should be ready for pickup tomorrow. Pretty good delivery if you ask me, they quoted up to the 29th. Any word on yours?

No word aside from it shipping on the 15th. I know it''s coming from Texas so I assume it''ll be a few days for me yet.

Monitor came in today, no dead pixels! *happy dance*

It''s very nice.

Woohoo, I''m picking up mine after work and I''m excited and stuff. Finally can toss that old ass CRT out in the dumpster. *Crosses fingers and does the no dead pixel dance*

Damnit, is it 3:00 yet?

No dead pixels!

One thing it does have however is a bit of backlight bleeding, but it''s nothing too severe - but I was well prepared ahead of time from all the other reviews. So far it''s a sweet, sweet monitor and I''m loving the widescreen aspect.

I''ve had about 10 minutes with the new baby so far, my girlfriend got the crazy notion to play Sims 2 for the past few hours. Snaked again.

This thing fits my desk great, my last 20"" behemoth literally had a depth of a couple feet.

So Certis, is Hoochie likin'' the new toy?

So Certis, is Hoochie likin'' the new toy?

She has her own system in her own office... with my 19 inch CRT to keep her warm. I think she wants a flat panel sooner or later, it''s mostly desk-space related jealousy I think.