10 examples of gaming journalism that don't suck

Found via Game Girl Advanced (yea for RSS): Ten unmissable examples of New Games Journalism

It includes a link to the article I mentioned in the resurrected "What Does Your Character Mean to You?" thread. I've only read a third of them so far but the title hits the mark.

Enjoy; discuss.

Hmm. I enjoy the work presented, some of which I''ve read already, but I don''t enjoy the attitude I see emerging through comments below.

I think that, as with most ""intellectual"" debate, the semantic arguments over what does or does not make ""good"" NGJ dilute what should be the conversation genrated by NGJ. That is, most mainstream game journalism sucks, and is harmful to the art form.

Reading comments from laypeople bashing particular writers for ""copying"" NGJ make me ill. For isn''t the purpose behind any movement to create an environment friendly to the creation of more of what it holds up to be the ""ideal?"" In that case why not encourage those who try to break the mold instead of looking down our noses at them because they don''t do it exactly the way one guy did it once a long time ago?

This is why I have a problem with labeling movements like this, it makes it easy for posers to jump in and pretend they know what''s going on by badmouthing whatever they can find.

I''d prefer instead to have an article ""10 examples of gaming journalism that don''t suck"", then spend several paragraphs analyzing why they don''t suck and leaving it at that. Giving a name to a positive aspect of a community just cheapens it and weakens it''s positive effect. This is of course, in my entirely uneducated opinion.

I didn''t even read the comments. Heck, for the most part, I didn''t read the article... just the pieces it linked to. The article itself is just metadata as far as I''m concerned...

Yeah, saw this on gametab and checked out some of the articles. Powerful writing but I dont understand the concept as a whole, how the subjects come together. Is ''New Games Journalism'' some sort of genre I''ve been unaware of?
And then there''s the question of content. Bill Harrisis a very talented writer and has been writing about games, among other things, for years; is he a New Games Journalist? Educate me please.

Thread title changed. Pyro''s offering was more in line with what I was trying to accomplish. Thanks.

"squirrelmonkey" wrote:

Educate me please.

The term ""New Game Journalism"" is somebody''s clever way of pigeonholing a couple of breakout game writers into an easily digestible, media friendly category which is a direct rip-off of another easily digestible, media friendly categorization lable created in the late 60s as an attempt to make sense of writers like Hunter S. Thompson.

In other words the tag is meaningless BS.

What it attempts to describe in as few words as possible is the art of reporting on a thing by describing one''s direct experience with it. Writers described as New Journalists or New Game Journalists tend to employ creative writing techniques to enhance the entertainment value of their work, often blurring the line between journalism and fiction. The best do this without altering the basic facts being reported, hence the ""art"" of the thing.

The best games journalism isn''t IGN friendly reviews, it''s the ones that challenge the norm. Bow n*gger was excellent. But, by game journalistic ""guidelines"" it wasn''t informative at all. It didn''t sell the game. But it described a very vivid experience in the game.

Out of the few reviews I''ve written, I''ve always struggled with making sure I''ve ""provided enough info"" while at the same time wishing I could elaborate on the overall experience, sans the technical stuff.

In my opinion the Rez Vibrator story is overplayed, it''s just another example of how sex sells the story. Especially to a largely male audience. If I talked my girlfriend into vicariously molesting my Xbox controller while I relayed the experience to words, I''m sure I''d turn a few heads as well.