Board Game Corner: Twilight Imperium

My itchy order finger just bought me a copy of Twilight Imperium.

Interstellar empire building with 200 plastic space ships!


Now to find the time and opponents to play with...

(for those interested in not paying bust out retail for this monster check this)

Thanks for the link to Fair Play. My local game store will not likely see me again, not with prices like those at Fair Play.

By the way, Twilight Imperium looks great! I have several other games by Fantasy Flight and love each of them.

Too cool RIch. Call your brother and let''s schedule the next game day, Stat!

This had several expansions (at least the previous editions did. I have the 1st), and maybe they are all wrapped up in this 3rd. That would be cool. Lot''s of diplomacy in this game too (although I''ve hardly played it, never around a group large enough, or with time enough, to play it. Read some good review''s too.

Enjoy! (I envy your local group that includes Swampy etc. Nice!

Any group that includes me is to be envied!

Yeah the joy. Wheee.

Not what you said when I threw the Det pack into the warp drive.

I have the first edition of this game. I thought it was pretty cool, but only had the opportunity to play with a group of friends once. The one issue we had was the starship combat mechanics were a little out of whack. In some ways I''d like to get a latest edition, as it looks very cool, but I actually just dug my first edition out of storage 2 weeks ago in the hopes of convincing my wife and in-laws to play!

Edit: Man that box looks pretty . . . must resist! Wallet rolls vs. impulse buy . . . and saves.

Good roll Paladin. I had some serious work boredom influencing my purchase. Too much time too ponder and hit the send button.

Unfortunately, while I''ve resisted buying the game I''m still extremely interested in it. I noticed that fairplay has it for a much more acceptable $50. I might be able to swing that. But . . . reading up about it makes it clear the game is drastically different (mechanics wise) from the original. I''d be very interested to hear what you think about the rules, richyrambo, as that''s probably the only thing holding me back now. The new plastic minis are much nice looking than the originals. MUCH. Plus I like that the new hexes are bigger with nicer art. My other complaint about the original was trying to fit a fleet of ships in a single hex. It just didn''t work very well.

I''ve played this game multiple times, with I believe some kind of expansion at one point. Like all of these type of games, a few house rules so that no one starts totally screwed (with no planets) are in order, but otherwise my friends and I have had alot of fun playing the game.

Of course, we all know not to sit next to one guy in particular (we roll dice to determine who gets stuck next to him), because at some point during the game, he realizes he can''t win, but that he *can* determine the winner if he kamakazi''s somebody....

Still. One of the few board games I''d play many times.

Its a beefy rulebook which I just downloaded while waiting for it to arrive.

Check here if interested in checking out the rules ahead of time.

Thanks Richy, that should help a lot. I really want to see the differences between 3rd edition and 1st edition before I seriously consider buying.