Blizzard Interview

Saw the link on but posted the first part of an interview with Blizzard Creative Director Chris Metzen and VP of Business Operations Paul Sams today.

Here's the link.

The excerpt.

How do you manage building new content and expanding the world, basically continuing the development process for several years, and still prevent yourself ending up in a situation where you're in crunch time for five years?

Paul: The amount of planning associated with something like this, and the planning associated with dealing with how frequently you're going to do content updates, and how much content you're going to try and push into those updates, while simultaneously having to worry about expansion sets and how big those are going to be... How you're going to deal with the staffing, how you split the team, if at all, some of them dealing with this, and some of them dealing with that... Do you have multiple content updates that have to go on simultaneously? How many pieces do you have to break the team into, and is that something that is manageable? Do you have enough leaders within the team to then lead each of those components?

Nice questions and answers, I wish they did both parts today!

Its pretty interesting as I read more of these MMO maintenance interviews... my company does network security software for the enterprise.... and their lifecycle/maintenace plans are NO different than ours...

Except we always seem to be in CRUNCH time... ""Tyranny of the Urgent"" we like to call it