Need help in Duskwood

I have two quests I need help with in Duskwood. One is to kill a level 35 ghoul near Darkshire named Stalvan. I don't think he is elite.

The other is to defeat the bride of the embalmer, who is a level 31 elite ghoul.

I should be on hopefully about 8 or 9 central tonight if anyone is able to help, would appreciate it.

If am around that area, I will kill them for you.

Stalvan, that guy must have ganked me 50 times. Msg me if Tycho is on tonight and I can help. The shoe is on the other foot NOW, boneboy.

[joke]But Jimm....with the Priest nerf, you are all but useless... ;-)[/joke]


Yes, but against he undead I actually get to use my root spell. Unlike the other 90% of the time.

[joke]Please don''t flame me! Priests are UBER![/joke]

...But..I''m SCARED of the Duskwood....