DOA Wish

Ouch. "Ultra" MMORPG Wish was cancelled after 8 days of open Beta. That must have been a painful 8 days if it resulted in the entire game getting canned. Wonder what went wrong.

I would tell you but I don''t think anyone played.

68,000 signed up for the beta, so...

I remember a PC Gamer article not too long back about how there were 30-some MMORPGs either planned or in development.

Doesn''t take a math wiz to figure out that most of those won''t survive. The audience to support a third of that (on top of what''s already there) just isn''t there.

There''ll be a bunch more of these.

I signed up to beta test Wish, but ended up buying WoW a couple days before the beta started, and well, I have been spending all my freetime playing that.

I think it was likely what Woody at suggested--they recently polled their beta testing community on what they''d be willing to pay monthly, and realized they weren''t going to be able to net enough income to keep the game going once it was live. I''m sure the existence of EQ2 and WoW had a lot to do with that.

I hate to say it, but I don''t see it as any great loss. I played a bit in Beta 1. I played a bit in Beta 2. Neither time was I terribly impressed nor engaged by the game. Both WoW and EQ2 are better games. If Wish had come out on the heels of EQ or even DAoC I could see it being successful, but the game just feels horribly dated now.