Ode to Gamers

Done to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillys" song

Now listen to a story 'bout a group named Horde. Small group of Gamers trying to keep from being bored. They were out one day sneaking around in Ashenvale when along comes a Wandering Protector and Ghast said "Bail!"

Tree that was...damn big one too....

Well, next thing we know we were in ghost form trying to figure out what it was that we died from. We decided that The Strand
was a better place to play. So we loaded up on fishing rods and wasted some more time.

Snapfins we caught.......Elf-Boy pvp

So if you have some time and don't know what to do. Come on log in and spend time with The Horde. We are playing World of Warcraft a fab MMORPG. Buy it at your favorite store and look for Thag and me.

We're Gamers you know......With Jobs

Shouldn''t this be in the MMORPRGRMPRPGPRG forum?

*shrug* no idea..that''s why I put it here