Linked WoW Screens

Depending how it affects my connection these may or may not be up long.

Anyhow, I posted all of my screenshots to a gallery on my site. The pics start out with January first because of the naming format of the files but oh well.

On this page you see the giant after Fozruk battles from this morning.

The aftermath of killing Herod (Therod?) in the Scarlet Monestary.

Mograine and the Priestess shots start on this page.

I see you did some damage to SM without me. I go out of town for one weekend!

We cleared it Leap. Eezy is 45 and I am 44 now, sorry.

I''m still only lvl 41 Leap. Your in good company.

Yeah, but I''m out again from Friday through the next Sunday. You guys will be 50 by then. God damn vacation timing!

I would rather be on vacation.
I won''t get that far ahead I am divorce is looming.

I''m on vacation this Thursday through Monday. Your still in good company Leap.

Me, you and Hump. Call us the ""Permanent Rest Bubble"" team!