New to GWJ

Hello all,

I was trying to get past my firewall here at work and I found this forum and enjoy it.

I play a 36(currently) Tauren Shaman and love it, I play on the Ner'zhul Server, which is PvP and love it.

I noticed lots of you are from Tx and I love that fact.
Well, glad to be hear and will answer any questions you have for me or the shaman class.

Welcome Butch. If you ever get sick of pvp or want to start an alt, join us on Blackhand. Lots of GWJ folk on both sides.

Hi new guy!

OK, Here''s a shaman question for you. I''m playing a lvl 19 tauren Shaman and so far I''ve mostly soloed or been in small groups where I''m the most fit to tank (leather armour and shield > cloth).

When soloing, I rely heavily on Rockbiter Weapon and especially Earthshock. Both of these have a high ""threat"" level but so far that''s not an issue for me yet. My concern is when I start to group with larger groups (with someone better suited to tanking than me) will I get into trouble using Earthshock and Rockbiter weapon to the same extent i do soloing? I don''t want to be seen as unnecessarily drawing aggro, but those 2 skills are my bread and butter.

Anyone feel free to reply, not just Butch BTW.

Welcome Butch!

Butch eh? Fresh meat delivered daily seems to be a good moto for this site.

Definitely switch to something other than rockbiter weapon unless you are the primary tank in groups. It is very hard for a warrior at least up to around 20 something to keep aggro from a rockbiter shaman.

Thanks Fang, that''s pretty much what I figured (but haven''t confirmed yet). Hopefully the Flame weapon has a lower threat.

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