Darkshire/Blackfathom/Deadmines Pics

Had a good run last night running around Azeroth with Adonfanna and took a few screens I thought I'd share.

Adonfanna uses her feign death ability to get away from Level 35 Mor' Ladim, and I just have to take a screenshot in spite of being urged to run away. Thankfully Blink got me out of there in time.


Fighting the Hydra at the bottom of Blackfathom. The whole instance went surprisingly well, and I got a nice new staff out of it in spite of a hunter in the group (not Adon) rolling for it.


This last one was from the Deadmines run a week or two ago with team "Total Exposure" I think is the correct Reap term. Naked Gnome dancing


Nice pics. Gotta defend the hunter rolling though: I''m level 27 right now and have been using a staff for about 7 levels. My last two staves have been twice as good as any other melee weapon I have, even if you add two dual-wielded weapons together.

It''s Team Indecent Exposure! But, it is your team. Call it whatever you want.