WoW: Craftsman Wishlist

I know there's a post buried in here about which characters are performing which professions but I was thinking we could use another post detailing what items those characters are on the lookout for. This might help everyone get the tradeskill items they need to advance further, and help guildmates raise some money without hassling with the AH. If your needs change, please edit your existing post so that we can keep the chain as small as possible.

Character name - server - faction - professions - items

Vorcha - Blackhand - Alliance - Skinner/LW - Wildvine, Scorpid Scales, Turtle Scales

Edit - Slambie had a great idea to include a player's faction.

Curb - Blackhand - Alliance - Miner/Smither - Fadeleaf, Mithril, Truesilver, core of earth!

If anyone helps supply me with 4x core of earth I will get you at least 10 gold or more in profit from the sale of a weapon. Thanks.

An alliance/horde designation would also be helpful since many of us only play one side.

Aphesian - Blackhand/Alliance - Herbalism/Alchemy - Liferoot, Goldthorn, Fadeleaf, kingsblood

Snood- Blackhand/Alliance - Skinning/Leatherworking- Scorpid Scales (level 40ish scorpians near Gazagten leave these when skinned), Fade leaf (rogue thing), green whelp scales, turtle scales (guessing big turtles skin to these)

Eh, why not. All you high levels don''t need the crap I''m looking for...

Grumpicus - Blackhand/Alliance - Engineering - Copper/Tin/Silver
Theseus - Blackhand/Horde - Leatherworking - Leather of any sort

I can definitely contribute to Theseus'' leather needs, Grump.

Stormspain - Blackhand/Alliance - Mining - Silver ore, possibly Iron ore will return it once it is smelted into bars.

Oh, and let me know if Theseus needs Light Leather, I would be happy to contribute. Also, for anyone who needs copper bars, tin bars, bronze bars, silver bars, let me know. I usually give those to guildies when I have smelted them. Occasionally I sell the leather in the AH.

Hubb - Blackhand/Horde - Tailoring - Silk, Spider''s Silk, Pearls

I am also an enchanter and can enchant items at your pleasure...

Lucifist - Blackhand/Alliance - Alchemist - Sungrass, khadger''s whisker, purple lotus and wildvine and fadeleaf (basically any high level herbs)

Strekos - Blackhand/Horde - Tailoring - Silk, Mageweave (hah!)
Shaun - Blackhand/Horde - Blacksmithing - Copper/Tin/Silver

Rainsmercy, you can''t mail across factions, so no luck for Theseus.

Leaping - Alliance - Tailoring - Silk and Mageweave! I can also use the elementals like elemental earth, elemental fire.

My other profession is skinning, but I use very little leather. If anyone on Alliance needs leather, don''t hesitate to hit me up in game.

Tailoring - 235+
Skinning - somewhere over 260.

Eagleclaw - Blackhand/Horde - Enchanting- Junk Magic Items (need low level stuff (1-10) currently)

I''d just like to bump this to say that at this point I don''t really need silk anymore. If you have silk you want turned into a 10 slot I''m of course happy to do it. And if you have extra I''ll still turn it into 10 slots for people who are too low to get silk drops yet. However either Hubb or Malefecent can actually still get skillups from silk so they can use your contributions more than I.

Secondly if you have Mageweave, rather than send it to me as you get it, save it until you have a full stack. That way I can immediately turn it into a 12 slot bag for you (it takes a full stack per bag).

Thanks Strekos! I just learned how to make 10 slot bags, so if anyone wants one, send over some silk!

[edit] The name''s Hubb. Tailoring is my game.

Pfft. I''ve been making 10 slot bags since before you were a gleam in your daddy''s eye Hubb. Send ME your silk! (Just kidding. We can share. Maybe. )

I request, nay I DEMAND that someone send Tycho the receipe for the Great Rage Potion.


It sells at Darnassus in ""limited quantities"" and I can never snag one.

Go to the AH. Granted you get ripped off, but I got mine for 20s if i recall correctly.

Go to the AH. Granted you get ripped off, but I got mine for 20s if i recall correctly.

The AH is pretty useless to me right now. I haven''t been able to successfully browse and purchase an item in about a week.

Besides, that would be a rip off. I can''t believe that Blizzard would allow this situation. It should be ""bind on purchase"", so people can scoop them all up and then auction them. Or the vendor should sell an unlimited quantity.

They are sometimes drop you know...

Gho - Blackhand/Alliance- Skinning/leatherworking - any leather would be awesome

I DEMAND that someone send Tycho the receipe for the Great Rage Potion.

I got it on auction for 7.5 sp. ZING!

Not to derail the thread too much, but what ''rules'' do people use to determine what they offer their guildies and what they don''t offer their guildies?

I know no one offers everything they pick up (otherwise there''d be a whole lot more ""Who wants this?"" messages on guild chat), but I still feel somewhat guilty when I put up an item in the AH that another guildie could probably use.

Personally, I''ve been offering everything that wouldn''t sell/isn''t worth my time to sell on the AH, and that I haven''t got a use for (Medium Leather and +INT mail items come to mind here), but that''ll probably change to offering everything I don''t have a use for when I''m finished saving for my mount.

Normally with gathered items/skinned/mined/smelted, I will give some away, and Auction some. If anyone specifically asks for it in guildchat, and I have some, i will send it. Or if someone can upgrade equipment for me, I will send them enough for the new gear as well as extra to try and compensate them for their time/efforts.

KT, my main criteria is my own wallet... am I about to level? Do I have enough money to buy my skills? Is my bank overfull of stuff I can''t even give to guildies? Etc.

I usually offer any green I come across to the guild if I or my wife doesn''t need it.

Skins and ore tend to be something folks are pretty vocal about needing, so unless I know someone needs something I''m gathering, it goes in the bank for auctioning, and a waiting period to see if anyone needs it.

Herbs, I don''t gather any more, but if I loot any, they go to a guildie. Always. As many potions as I use and as big a pain gathering them seems to be, I''m not about to AH them.

Food always goes to Peecaboo, since she actually is doing high-level cooking.

I think that about covers it. Items get offered, leather and metal are usually requested often enough I don''t offer them, herbs are always needed.

I only offer Green Items and higher. But I offer them to my group/party first and then to a few particular people in the guild (mages/priests if it''s cloth armor say) and then the guild. It also depends if I''m in need of money as I''ll just sell it, unless it''s something appropriate like cloth with +int bonuses but cloth with +str bonus gets sold.

Depends on who''s on and the chat going on...a lot of chat, I''ll try to offer every green item that I lay my hands on that I don''t need. I offer everything at least twice before I auction it. Of course, I''m poor, but the generosity from other guildmates, to me, ensure I keep offering stuff I get to others, even if I may use it later

Adonfanna - herbs/alchemy - both over 200, so send what you got and what you need me to make

Gloigan - ye bloody bastards...I just be minin'' away and not knowin'' what the ''ell my other trade will be. I be takin'' ye charity if ye wish it, but I just do na'' know what I be needin'' in the skills I be workin'' on!