WoW Census data

I would be interested but I hate to deny my rogue play time because I want to be ready for PvP.

"KillerTomato" wrote:

It doesn''t help that the humans avatars look... and I mean no offense to any humans here... stupid. Really, really stupid. Literally every other race looks worlds better in my opinion. Yes, even the Tauren females (Go Mooshi!).

Agreed. When I watch my Human Paladin run, I''m thinking, ""Get the man an enema, for god''s sake!!""

Hey...Jumping in late...

BUT...Liv Tyler is UBER hot... overbight my arse... she''s a bloody goddess, and why stupid...seemed articulate when I''ve seen her. Just because you might think she''s a poor actress, does not mean she''s stupid..

And, on off weeks, you could party with her dad...I mean...that is too cool!!!

What was this forum about again??

But does that date mean that on the horde side, my son has the only druid character? I find that hard to believe...but if go Basili!!!

I''m pretty sure the census data can only capture who is currently logged in...

It does rememeber and thus if you run it enough you will eventually get a somewhat accurate count of whats going on.

But its not like it can capture the data of people currently not logged in.

It''d be nice if Blizzard would produce some sort of XML feed for this data, ala Bungie.