WoW Bacstory> What IS going on?

I've been doing Alliance/Human quests now, reading all of these threads, and etc....

What I want to know is: where's the Army? Where's the King? (not the little guy in the Palace.....

What is the Defias Brotherhood trying to do?

We've focused so many of our threads/discussions on tactics, quests, etc, that I thought one that looked at the "big picture" might be interesting.....of course, fraught with spoilers.....I want to get my head out of the sand.....

Here you are: The Codex Azeroth

I don''t want to go too much into the story of the quests because the stories get revealed as you do them.

The gist of the defias/stormwind conflict is the defias (damn masons!) built/rebuilt the city after a battle. They never got paid so went evil.

There is a big page of history on WoW''s site.

I think allakhazam has a big timeline too but I''m not sure.

Edit - It looks like Gamespy and WoW''s official one is the same. But WoW''s is ad free.

Man. Even reading through just the first two pages of that just reminds me how much I LOVE this mythology.

Good link, Eezy. The text looked striking similar so I went and checked the byline of the GameSpy article: ""Blizzard Team"". I''d go with the link, cewar.

The army is in Kalimdor... the rest of the army, because many are dead.
The northern Kingdom of Lordaeron was annihilated by the undead scourge (Warcraft3), the southern kingdom of Stormwind has still not fully recovered from the Wars against the Orc who came through the dark portal (Warcraft2).
Nonetheless, most soldiers were send to the battle at Mount Hyial at Kalimdor, to prevent the Burning Legion from destroying the whole world.
They succeeded but now the homelands are stripped from soldiers, so new (the Defias) and old (the Troggs) enemies arise.

Someone said they did a quest where they actually saw Jaina Proudmoore?

That would be interesting to get screens of. I know I was tickled on the horde side when I got to see Thrall and Cairne Bloodhoof.

I remember reading a post that said that Illidan was the most powerful NPC in the game.

I bet that means that Arthas isnt in (expansion?). And I would love to see Sylvanas, Tyrande, Furion and the warden character and blood elven leader from the expansion.

Im not going to clarify the following with spoilers since warcraft 3 and the frozen throne have been out for a while now. Anyone interested in the plot should have had access to it months ago.

I am curious as to why a blood elf was in the stone talon mountain city, sun rock retreat? It seems to me like the blood elves and Illidan and his naga would be allied since they both have Burning legion allegiance. That seems to me like a third faction. The blood elves hate the undead. Illidan hates arthas and has bad blood with the night elves. The horde has warred to break free of the burning legion''s grip. Lastly, the burning legion has always despised everything human, dwarf and night elf.

Also the Arthas, and buglike race (nerubians?) seems like a fourth faction. Arthas/lich king has hatred from the the alliance and the horde. They also have hatred from the burning legion, Illidan and the blood elves (who used to be high elves until they were wiped out by Arthas and the scourge) Sylvanas has a personal stake in destroying Arthas and hence her forsaken follow her to that end.

Someone said they did a quest where they actually saw Jaina Proudmoore?

Yeah, that was me. I did take some screens. I''ll see if any are decent.

EDIT: Let''s expand.

I always envisioned three player factions in WoW. On one side, you have Humans/Dwarves/Night Elves. Skip Gnomes. Then, you have Orcs/Trolls/Tauren. Then, you have your Burning Legion. Undead/Demons/something else, maybe the Nerubians or something.

But, I can understand where Bliz is coming from, having only 2. It doesn''t exactlymake sense (Undead allied with the Horde? Since when?) but I think they do a pretty good job explaining it. (Undead aren''t Arthas undead, they''re Sylvanas undead, given their freedom, and pissed).

They could have gone in other directions, but I respect the direction they DID take, and think it plays well in the game.

Someone said they did a quest where they actually saw Jaina Proudmoore?

Yeah, but *I* saw her when she came with two of her cronies to capture a guy I''d been tracking for 2 hours and finally beaten up, so THERE!

Then she gave me a ring. And now we''re married.

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She talked about you. She said you were scrawny, and that even though I was a dwarf, that you weren''t HALF the man I was. And then her mage friend, and that other guy, laughed. A lot. At you.

That was before Curb got his mount. Lady Proudmoore looks at him differently now. She apparently has a thing for Rams. I do believe that Thann has been replaced.

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I feel dirty, and I don''t even play the game.

"Mex" wrote:

I feel dirty, and I don''t even play the game.

Mex feels dirty? I must be on a roll!