Coming up for air: Hopelessly addicted to WoW...

"phragged" wrote:
Agreed. The starting Tauren area is my favorite as well.

Mine also.

I loved playing my Tauren Druid in the beta, but for some reason just can''t get into it much now. Interested in trying out a Shaman though...! I have a PoS ''puter, though, and my broadband is spotty at times, so I have an excuse. Sort of.

Razor, I''m playing it with no problems on a P3-800. Is yours worse than that?

Yes, WoW is both fun and addicting. I see myself playing this game for a long time to come. However, I sat down and played some HL2 over the weekend because my internet was down for a few days. I found that I didn''t really miss WoW all that much (I also realized that I really need to finish HL2 and that I hadn''t played it since the day WoW was released). Sure, I would have played WoW had my internet connection worked but the point is that the game isn''t as evil as some other MMORPG games. It doesn''t completly suck you in (or me) and leave you as nothing more than a shell of your former self. It doses itself out and allows you to enjoy it but it doesn''t rule your life.

I will admit that on rare occasion other games have sucked me in to the point that I would shirk real life duties. WoW hasn''t done that. I think part of it is that with WoW, improvements in your character are always very gradual. There is no skill, talent or equipment that changes your life. I also haven''t felt a lot of level envy so I don''t feel this overwhelming need to level up as fast as possible. As a result, I don''t feel that urge to get just one more level. I just have fun and enjoy it. When real life calls, I can walk away knowing that I can pick up where I left off.

Yeah, I play exclusively on a laptop with a Radeon 7500 32mb. This game handles low specs very well.

Grumpicus, dude, I was trying to maintain my free time! Don''t encourage me!

Kind of. The machine I have at home has 256mb, 32 of which is shared for the onboard NForce video.

Plus, there''s that bad connection thing. And I can''t really find it in stores anywhere.

Curse you too, LeapingGnome. Apparently it''s time to start my search in earnest, then. Anyone know where I can get a copy 30-ish miles north of Boston? Or a new-spec PS2, for that matter? Seems like every shop in the known universe is out of both.

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

Yeah, I play exclusively on a laptop with a Radeon 7500 32mb. This game handles low specs very well.

I sometimes play on my laptop with that same video card. It looks awful though - mainly the terrain. Roads or paths don''t draw, for example. It''s like the terrain tiles are stretched and washed together where you can''t make anything like a road out. Only way to follow a road is by the mini-map, but sometimes that is messed up too. Objects, NPCs and PCs are ok, though. I tried messing with terrain settings but it hasn''t helped.

Do you see this problem Leap? Have any tweak advice?

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

Yeah, I play exclusively on a laptop with a Radeon 7500 32mb. This game handles low specs very well.

Wow, I had no idea. You seem to run pretty well most of the time. Gives me hope for when I get my new work laptop!

Yeah...I really liked the Tauren starting area as well...but I''ve been playing my rogue on alliance so much that I''ve not gotten back to Tauren druid. Poor little beasty has just be neglected out there in the fields.

Undead starter area is my favorite, of course

I did manage to play Burnout 3 quite a bit over the holidays with my wife, which is the first I''ve played anything other than WoW since the fileplanet stress test.

"Propagandalf" wrote:

The scary thing about playing WoW is how quickly the hours fly by. You sit down to play and suddenly you''ve been playing for 6+ hours. That''s how my wife usually gets me off the computer by reminding me that I''ve been sitting in front of it for too long. :P

Yeah, I knew this was the case the very first day. At one point I turned around with a huge grin on my face and said, ""Look, honey! I''ve already hit level 4 and I''ve only been playing about a half an hour!"" To which she replied, ""Have you looked at the clock? You''ve been playing for hours. Look outside. It''s night now.""

She can''t complain too much, though, because it was her Christmas gift to me. I just say, ""Baby, I LOVE you gift - you know JUST what makes me happy."" Heh.

It''s a IBM T41 - 1.6ghz Pentium M, 512mb RAM, Radeon 7500.

It does pretty good, performance is nice and smooth, the only thing I need is to throw some more RAM on there, sometimes it starts chugging when I fly/TP into a city like Stormwind or Ironforge until the cache catches up, but I just give it a few seconds and I''m ok.

Prop, I pretty much play with low to half on everything with terrain distance at about 1/3 and never have any of those kinds of problems. They game looks great, I don''t have any complaints. Oh, and I play at 800x600, sometimes I wish it was higher because I could use the extra space around my bars/bags, I get oh so jealous when I see Guru''s screenshots and his bars take up like 1% of his screen. Honestly, I''ve never tried it above 800x600, I might check it out tonight to see how much of a hit performance takes...

That''s exactly my specs, but on a sony laptop, Leaping. I usually have it at 800x600 but when I bumped it up a notch I didn''t really notice much difference. The main slow downs are in cities where the population is great. IF can cause some serious freezing, but it always catches up eventually and I can continue until it freezes again. Darn, if not for the terrain problems it wouldn''t be that bad on the laptop at all (minus playing in 800x600 that is ).

I don''t know Prop, my terrain is never messed up like you say. I see everything, never have problems with road blurring or anything. Check out your settings, start with the lowest and work your way to see what it can handle. If you still have a prob, I can check my exact settings and post them for you.

And yes, the laptop is the best. I have played every minute in WoW from my couch. The girlie sits and watches TV and I play. Plus it''s great when football is on, I can have both going!

Plus it''s great when football is on, I can have both going!

I knew there was a reason you missed some sheeping! JK

I f*cking hate you all! I am going to fail next semester.

"Edwin" wrote:

I f*cking hate you all! I am going to fail next semester.

Does this mean Edwin broke down and will soon be pantless in Azeroth?

""Pantless in Azeroth: a Newbie''s Guide""- sounds good....

I''m going to try using a free wireless connection at lunch today <hangs head in shame> to see what I get....I''m not getting my hopes up, however.....

I think that my wife would be interested. However, we would have to buy a second computer, second copy of the game, second subscription, etc. to play together. I''m not sure that I can justify an outlay that would reasonably probably approach $1,000 for a shared computer game. Yet I want to.

Of course I secretly fear (with good intuitive reason I believe) that she would become more addicted to it than I am. Someone has to think of the kids. God knows for their health and safety that I cannot be the main responsible parent.

No luck at lunch; connection speed too low.....

"Propagandalf" wrote:
"Edwin" wrote:

I f*cking hate you all! I am going to fail next semester.

Does this mean Edwin broke down and will soon be pantless in Azeroth? :roll:

Does Edwin know about the ""hazing"".

Hey Edwin, if they ask to to follow them to the cabin in the woods, DON''T DO IT. You''ll thank me later.

If anything they should be the ones to be worried.

That comic is classic. Someone already referenced that comic in game and I didnt get it at the time.

I get the feeling that comic has Hoochie and Certis overtones all over it =)

What can I say? Its the best game Ive ever played...

The scary thing is its only NEAR perfect!