Make Firefox faster..

Didnt see this posted... I tried this and so far it does seem to make an improvement.

Holy crap, that''s awesome. Thanks GG!

I do not reccomend doing 30 as they say as you may flood thier httpd server request available slots and cause some sites to be down for other people.

I just left it at the default of 4 and turned on the pipelining and it works like a charm on some sites.

I''ve used these before, they do work, though I''d take Dr. Ghastly''s advice on the 30 thing. Pipelining and the graphics delay should be plenty.

I just did the pipelining and graphics delay, and it''s already a great deal quicker, I don''t see any reason to need to turn on that multiple requests thingie.

Absolutely badass! Thanks, GG!

Awesome, thanks!

Not bad... althought I change the ""network.http.pipelining.maxrequests"" just to see if it makes any difference and i''ll say you''ll see 5% increase, not worth it. I''m changing it back to 4... plus i don''t want to kill remote servers!

Thx. GG for info!

Get the ""Tweak Network"" extension. It does most of these and more.

Wierd, I dont have any of the entries from step #1.

Well (you may have done this but it eluded me at first,) after you install it, you need to go to Tools/Tweak Network Settings.

Nice tip.

This is tight, it feels much better than it has previously. Good find Guru.

Wow, great tip GG. It is definitely quite a bit speedier now (and it was already pretty quick to begin with).