My EQ2 Players Site

This is a link to my site gallery area in particular where they will host up to 50 screenshots for me. You can also visit the other parts to see information about my character.

I just think this is a nice little service and while it does cost a little extra think it is a nice feature.

Who forged the armor?

A guy named Ahriman. He is expensive but only person I know that can forge a full set of Feyrion armor currently.

Just updated the gallery with more pictures that include some of my hunting tonight.

Updated my site with some more screen shots including a couple from a raid I participated in to Couldron Hollow last night.

Oh and for those that care my graphics are at 1280x1024 set on balanced.

Cool. I was in the Scarab Hive, Tomb of Valor and Nek Castle this weekend.

Have to go back into ToV and Nek castle to finish those instances though! hehe

I not yet been to Nek Castle. I still have a lot of the Ruins of Varsoon to see too. I try to remember to take screen shots of stuff but I often forget.

There is not much to ToV but actually accimplishing the tasks is sort of cool. In fact I did it as part of a 3 man group that was under 30 and was great fun trying to do it with 3 of us.

Before you hit Nek castle, try to get to the last step of Hadden''s earring (quest guy is on TS docks).

The last guy is in Nek Castle.

Also have 5 mastery quests completed with a few more close.

man I love quests, there is so much to do i wish i was retired so i could play all day!

I heard the last guy is not actually in Nek Castle but in Ruins of Varsoon. I still have to find the piece in the ocean of the Common Lands and was having trouble searching without some sort of water breathing.

I agree there is a lot to do and in some ways there really is more to do than is possible. Was talking to my friend about this last night actually. I mean it would be entirely possile to adventure in Qeynos and go from about level 5 till 30 or so and never leave the city with the Down Below, Vermin Snye, and Crypt of Betrayal. Then you have Blackburrow, Stormhold, Ruins of Varsoon, and all the instance areas you can do.

If you incluse all the stuff over by Freeport it is just impossible to do it all in any sort of meaningful way. I made an alt that I play now and then just so I can go through areas I missed and I am sure going to need more guys to just see it all.

Ok Maladen saw you did Cauldron Hollow, did u get Ghoulbane update, and how goes that quest?

I hope to get BloodTalon tonight for Dwarven Work Boots, and am wondering bout the next steps, Ghost under Tower of Valen, how tough is this mob, will group of 3 do? Also do the Mature Antelope and Firestock Giant Scouts update the quest with first kill or will I need to farm them? Thanks for any info!

Cauldron Hallow was a mixed bag.

At firs things where going great. My group was getting up to 4% xp per kill at times. The creatures where ^^^ x4 group ranging in level from about 32 and up to 34ish.

Torig the guy you need to kill was 32 with some minions and he so far has kicked our butts. So no did not get ghoulbane ubdated yet. We had about 3 full groups with 35 being the highest person. I am thinking that if most the people where 30+ it would be a lot easier as it was for us we had several sub 30 people.

Ghost was a ^^ con guy that I took on with my templar friend. He was not too hard but do not remember his level. If 3 includes a healer and a tank I do not see a problem unless he is way above you guys.

I had to kill a couple of the giants and mature antelope to get my part.

"Badferret" wrote:

Ok Maladen saw you did Cauldron Hollow, did u get Ghoulbane update, and how goes that quest?

Did this again last night and we finally did it. In fact went smooth this time.

We had 4 groups of 6 so 24 people all level 29+.

The raid itself only took an hour. The loot was decent but chances of winning something rather slim. XP was great as made about 15% or so in there.

Plus got the update for Ghoulbane. I not been able to finish the quest though as the guy in Varsoon is bugged and breaks his encounter when ever we tried to take him on. SOE knows about this and is slated to be fix in the update but not sure when that will happen.

Yeah, I drool over ghoulbane more than any quest I have, espceially when they put in the proc. Some are able to get the creator to update, but the enounter is bugged maybe impossible without multiple mezzers? I should ding 27 tonight, so hopefully by the time I am 32+ they will have fixed it.