2005 US Championship Joint Operations Escalation Tournament


Gaming Freaks is hosting the 2005 US Championship JO:E Tournie!

Prize teaser:
1st Place -
Free Hosting Game Server of your choice for 6 months 50 Player slots Free Teamspeak Server for 6 months 50 player slots
Free Web-site Hosting for 6 months
Championship Banner to host on your site

I haven't been able to catch you guys on the TG/GWJ server as of late, we did have fun in the Halloween Squad Challenge. Normally, I play with getcrackin and we'd like to find out how interested the GWJ-ers are in getting into this tourney.

If I have read correctly, this is 12x12, and it begins January 15th.

If GWJ fields a team, can getcrackin and I play with you guys?

Let me know if you are interested.

Count me in.

I will be away sampling the snowy delights of New England that weekend...

I''ll be gone at National Guards. So, I''m out.