GWJFFL Superbowl Underway!

Jeez, my starting QB is playing today and I did not even know it until I visited the SwampChiefs to make my Friday afternoon roster check.

Game on! Here's hoping Favre has a 350 yard 5 touchdown Christmas present for me!

w00t! 1-0!

Yep. Slow day at work.

I won''t be able to check in until later tonight I figure, good luck Fredster! Hopefully Favre lays another egg

Bastard! Favoratism from the Admin!

No egg here, baby. Just a wonderful 23 point Christmas Gift.

23-1, each of us have gone through 1 starter. But A LOT of game left to play, no doubt

The butt-whuppin has officially begun. I believe the real contest will be the over-under on margin of victory for swampy. With a line of 30 points, I''ll take the over.

Well, Fred, I owe you for handing me a defeat in week one. BTW, you proved then you can beat me so don''t be so sure of defeat.

One thing though, as I absolutely suck nuts at ESPN NFL 2k5, at least this''ll give me something. YOU DON''T WANT TO TAKE THAT AWAY, DO YOU?!?!?

Round 1 to me, but it ain''t over, buddy.

Looks like I am well on my way to a stunning choke loss. My receivers and RBs, all powerhouses up to today, fooked me bad.

No kidding Swampy, you better hope for a similar choke game from Fredster! I was surprised to see your score and then notice that damn near all your players are on this morning.

Can you believe these scores from my receivers?!?!?!

I think you can count yourself lucky Favre is keeping you in the game.

Leads down to 15 points and he has a hot receiver and a good RB both with 30 minutes to go. <shudder>

What an upset! The upstart Reborn Irish topples the undefeated Cert Fresh team and goes on to destroy the hot SwampChiefs to win the Super Bowl!

Thank god, if Swampy had won I never would have heard the end of it

I''d like to thank all of the little people that made this happen. Tyrone Willingham for a great job coaching, Certis, for unabashedly cheering for me against the evil of the Swamp, Swampy, for one heck of a matchup, and Dennis Northcutt for being the darkhorse that he is, and the unpronounceable Muhsin Muhammed.

Thank you all, and can someone help me put up a championship avatar? See ya next year for the defense!

I won my Super Bowl yesterday and I still have McNabb tonight.

Congrats Fred. You never gave up, or stopped believing in yourself. When others said I couldn''t be defeated you turned a deaf ear, continuing to tinker with your lineup late into the misty dawn.

You have earned this one my friend. Slake your thirst for victory by drawing deep draughts of the sweet nectar that is a Superbowl win. I am vanquished at the very alter of a championship for the second year in a row, damned to spend another season consorting with the stinking rabble that is the rest of this league.

I salute you Fredster, you and your mighty Reborn Irish. I must take my leave now, to weep the bitter tears of defeat in solitude.

And Certis, I''ll NEVER forgive you for throwing in your dark powers against my once mighty Chi.

And Certis, I''ll NEVER forgive you for throwing in your dark powers against my once mighty Chi.

You wasted it all in that one football game Swampy, you''re tapped until 2005!

No! No! This should not be!

You''re stinking Rabble! And because I lost I must consort with you! Yaaaaargh!

Congrats Fredster, I''m glad that neither Certis nor Swamy won. I''m not sure why, I just am.

You just made the list. What did I ever do to you?!?

Very aggressive today, we are, Bag.

No wonder Certis hates you.

Yeah, geez, maybe I need to take a chill pill or something. I''m feeling quite venomous following the holidays. I''m still glad that Fredster won

I can''t believe the same thing happened to me two years in a row. Just change the player names. Last year Peyton screwed me, this year I pulled the train for 3 WRs.

You just seeing me hurt. And that hurts me. Happy?! Bastard.

Don''t let my own self-loathing and fantasy football ineptitude bring you down, little buddy. I dream of the day I have a chance to lose in the championship game. It''s like how Dan Marino must look up to Jim Kelly.


It''s going to be a long off-season. I have a lot of work to do. Weights, film sessions, meetings with free agents..

I consider it a small victory that if I''d played Graham and won last week I would have beat Swampy in the Superbowl. I''m going to go stand on the third place podium now and weep gently.

So in other words:

I lost because my receiving core fooked me.
You lost due to an inept lineup selection.

Excellent. All is right with the world.

I lost due to New England''s ""we don''t talk about injuries"" policy and being pulled out of my house for three hours before and during the game so I couldn''t check and make the change. Jerk.

Just for that you''re not allowed to join my almost victory party, we were going to just about have clowns and come really close to having cake too!

JERK?!? Words hurt, buster!

Just as well. Clowns scare me.

We never did get to play, so I guess the better player will have to be decided by who got furthest. Hmm. Let me check. Oh, yeah, that''d be me!

Edit: I''m actually glad that I lose to you so much more often than I win. Because when I do manage to pull one off, it makes you crazy-hostile with angst until you can pound me again and set right the world order.

No, that would be the luckiest player. The better player would be the one with the most total points and best record. Let''s see here...

SwampChiefs 11-1-1 .885 891 points
Certs Fresh 13-0-0 1.000 991 points

100 points less isn''t bad grandpa, maybe next year you''ll take your meds every day and do better

Perhaps in a draft picking way you did better. But in a soul satisfying way, you know I did better! I have my ""losers of the Superbowl"" ring and complemantary gift basket to show it!

And as final proof, I damn thee with thine own words:

"Certis" wrote:

I consider it a small victory that if I''d played Graham and won last week I would have beat Swampy in the Superbowl. I''m going to go stand on the third place podium now and weep gently.


You get the feeling we''re the only ones who care about all this?

Next year it''s twelve teams and we play for money, that should make things more interesting.