Any EVE'ers?

Saw a write up on this SF MMORPG and I've been thinking about trying it. Anyone have any experience with it?

Eve Online is the most passive MMORPGs in existence.
I would only recommend it to someone who is tied to a bed for days.
In addition to being dreadfully boring, it is also ugly, the mouse sensitivity is too high and inadjustable, there''s no ""inside ship view"" option, and you go places by ""clicking on space"".

Of course it has other qualities such as a developed universe with ""politics"" and ""intrigue"" and battles which will eventually involve you doing slightly more than pressing ""target"" and then ""fire laser"" buttons.

But, by the time you get to the point where you get to the ""meat"" of the game you will be a senile old man who is bound to a hospital bed.

So I guess it all works out in the end.

shihonage is probably critically correct. I was only on it for a few weeks and have thought of going back someday, but probably won''t due to other more ''exciting'' issues. But the reason I would like to go back is because it''s beautiful in the ''look at this beautiful universe'' sort of appeal. You get the feel of the vast beauty of space. Calming, yet frightfully dangerous. Not sure this will make sense, but you need to experience to make the call. I enjoyed the ambiance of it. Plus I got hooked up with a great Corporation right away that had patience of saints (which I always need:)

I thought there was some free month play and you could download enough to give it a go. Check their homepage for such offerings. Could of been a momentary thing.

Where is that link to the guy that scammed millions of credits?

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

Where is that link to the guy that scammed millions of credits?

Here ya go

That story was awesome.

Wow, that involves an incredible amount of dedication that I don''t think I have for any game. And I LOVE to game.

That story made baby jesus cry, but it made me in awe of how much someone could love a game.

To hell with just being a gamer.

The guy''s freakin'' clever. And hilarious. He''s definitely got some writing skills.

Dude that was a short novel! Anyway, EVE is gorgeous, slow, and the only game I''ve ever played more when I wasn''t at the computer.

Okay. Kind of what I thought. It''s like the SFMMORPG for model train set types.

f*ck EVE! I hate the game. It''s dull and boring and about as uninteractive as a space game can get. This has nothing to do with my love for JG either. I''ve taken anthropology and sociology classes more exciting than EVE.

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