WoW> Feast of Winter Veil

Ho, ho, ho...I see Greatfather Winter has a Quest for us.....

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*This* is exactly what I was hoping for- Seasonal Content....can the Easter Bunny be far behind?!

I think it''s pretty cool, though I DID see some of the gingerbread recipe parts going for more than a gold last night on the Org auction... pretty stupid, especially for some lower level trade reagents.

But, I did the quest where you go around learning about the history of the Winter Veil, and that was pretty cool. And, the snowballs are fun.

The lights and trees look pretty bad, in my opinion. But, still very fun.

I got 10 light leather for giving him some cookies and milk. I wonder if the gifts are random?

Maybe someone should start a thread where we can say what we got

There''s actually several Christmas quests to be found just outside the bank area in IronForge. And there must be more because I''ve seen people that can turn themselves into snowmen.

I do like it when companies add seasonal content to the games. You can bet I''ll be stocking up on snowballs so I''ll still have some for a snowball fight even after the vendors disappear!

Snowman, I''ve heard, is a spell that the Grinch casts on you when you fight him. I haven''t gotten the details of where and how you fight the Grinch.

I suspect the turning into a snowman is related to this
[From the wow site]
Unconfirmed reports say that consuming eggnog during a snowball fight can have some chilling results


They''ve added two different polymorphs that I''ve seen so far:

Reindeer: Drink about 4 eggnogs and get into a snowball fight. You''ll be randomly transformed. There could me more structure to the process, but this is what I did to get it to happen.

Snowman: Complete the 35th level quest that deals with returning the Xmas treats. You''ll have to head to the Alterac Mountains at one point (Gryphon to Southshore is the closest drop-off point I''ve found) and defeat the large greenish Yeti (named the ""Greench"" ;)). I believe at that point you''ll get the ability to transform and/or a high level random Holiday recipe (one such reward is the schematic for a snowball machine). I tried to go after him last night but, as you can imagine, he''s camped by about half of the Alliance.

All in all - a great job imho.