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Scorpid Sting vs Serpent Sting.

So I hit level 22 the other day with my hunter and got Scorpid Sting.

Since we can only have one sting active at a time, do you use Scorpid Sting or Serpent.

If it is situation dependent then when do you use 1 or the other.

What does Scorpid Sting do exactly? reduction of str and agi means the mob hits less often for less damage?

I use serpent sting instead of scorpid sting, although scorpid sting is worthwhile in instances and groups.

Serpent sting is DOT and scorpid sting is a debuff. Knowing blizzard, I''m sure they are balanced so that the additional damage you get from serpent sting is probably about equal to the reduction in damage caused by scorpid sting. I prefer serpent sting for two reasons. First, it is more tangible. I can actually see it doing damage whereas with scorpid sting, its hard to quantify what benefit you are getting. Second, when the mob tries to run away at the end of battle, its nice to have some DOT working to kill quicker and prevent additional aggro or to kill if they get out of your range. With scorpid, you get no benefit as far as I know if a mob starts to run away.

A lot of people say they don''t notice a difference, but I''ve noticed, esp in your level range, that the scorpid will make the mob easier for your pet and you to kill. I tend to go more for poison now, choosing the direct damage as I''ve buffed up in ranks on serpent. Experiment with both on a similar mob a couple of times and see what you think.

don''t forget to get aimed shot on the talent tree when you can...been critting for 650ish lately with that arrow...a nice start to a battle

from above...if a mob start to run...hit him with a concussion arrow to slow and then the scorpid sting to poison him and kill him off...

very important combo there to keep him from running to other mobs.

ALSO...todays neat tip on pets - used this with water fights mainly - stay at the surface, send your pet to engage the target -- once there, click on passive and your pet will disengage and come up to your arrows, and as soon as they become active, click on the attack claws to reengage your pet. Voila, you pulled a mob from the nether regions to your range, the pet takes the aggro, and you nail the bugger with arrows till the cows come home!

thanks PigPen/Coping

I picked up Aimed as soon as I had it and have been buffing up my crit line with Talents.

I would be interested in either of you discussing the talent trees a little, as I am just starting to play with them. I am a PvE player mostly in small groups. 3 is generally the max. So I am concentrating on the marksman line and will prob add Beast later. This is partially a role playing issue (same reason I use duel wield instead of 2 hander).

I think this is my spec so far

Marksmanship Mastery
Improved Concussive Shot Rank 5
Efficiency Rank 3
Improved Hunter''s Mark Rank 1
Lethal Shots Rank 3
Aimed Shot Rank 1
Improved Arcane Shot Rank 2
Marksmanship Total: 15
Total Points Spent: 15
Level Required: 24

i''m interested in this too...I don''t have a clue on the talents to be first, I thought traps were cool, but they are nice now, but only as an additional damage I wasted points there. I like markmanship, but my focus will be on getting the crits up...otherwise, your arrows are so damn effective, don''t waste it. And the pet, focus is nice, and I''m thinking this will be my main tree, to get to where when the pet hits, you get healed...thats a nice synergy there...

On the marksmanship tree I think it''s definitely worth it to get the Trueshot Aura. In addition to adding ranged bonus for your party, which usually doesn''t matter, it gives the bonus to you too. At Rank 1, it''s +30 to attack power.

I just got Trueshot and have put all but one of my points in the marksmanship tree. Everything focused on increasing amount of direct damage my shots do, except only 1 rank in improved serpent sting because other more interesting things opened up. The talent that gives you added range is great - I can shoot things far in the distance now that look quite small on the screen. My points after this are going into pet buffs rather than melee. If I have to pull out my axe that''s a sign that we''re in trouble anyway. I am also keeping my +agility +stamina leather armor over most mail that I find, because if I fight as if the monster shouldn''t get to me, there''s not much point in sacrificing offensive power for armor.

Mana sting is probably not worth it. It probably takes 3 or 4 stings to drain a caster, by which point the caster would be dead if I just shot it full of regular stings.

Pigpen, great pet pulling tip.

Here are a few of my random thoughts on the Hunter class. I have built Vorcha to deal as much damage as quickly as possible. I don''t have my talent path at hand at the moment but I took almost every Marksmanship ability except Scattershot and the one that improves the Scorpid Sting. I also recommend the talent that improves the recharge rate of Arcane Shot. Shaving a little bit of time off the recharge rate really matters. I know there are a few hunters that don''t use Arcane Shot but I would rather fire several arrows of lesser damage than one massive arrow of damage in the same time period. It''s better odds to have more chances to hit. I always lead off with Aimed Shot when soloing. Also, don''t forget that you can buy ranks for Aimed Shot from a Hunter Trainer. Aimed Shot does rock but it should not be the attack you always use.

My thoughts on Scorpid Sting versus Serpent Sting is that the DoT is better than the debuff. Serpent Sting seems to give me that little bit of an edge towards the end of battle, especially if the foe tries to run away.

Mongoose Bite is an excellent ability in melee. Yes, the damage isn''t that great but it adds up.

Viper Sting rocks when used early in a battle against a spellcaster. I have used it as my opening shot again enemy healers and it severly drains their mana reserves.

I rarely use traps, even when soloing. It''s a real lazy habit I''ve gotten into but unless I may pull a group of mobs, I usually just pelt them with arrows. I really do need to break the habit, though.

And lastly before I head to lunch, the Trueshot Aura at the end of the Marksmanship talent tree is extremely powerful. Every group I''ve been in has noticed the difference in combat.

"Alien13z" wrote:

On the marksmanship tree I think it''s definitely worth it to get the Trueshot Aura. In addition to adding ranged bonus for your party, which usually doesn''t matter, it gives the bonus to you too. At Rank 1, it''s +30 to attack power.

It''s actually even better than that, Alien - it''s a bonus to both ranged AND melee attacks, for every party member, and you can increase the bonus at the Hunter trainer as you level. Nice!

Viper Sting is great for enemy heal casters like the trogg shamans, who seem to have a very limited mana pool to cast from but relatively high health. It ensures that they will NEVER get off a heal if you keep it on them, which makes a giant difference in fighting the buggers.

For mages, though, Serpent Sting is more appropriate for the exact opposite reasons: Their mana pool seems to be pretty gigantic, while their health sucks eggs. They go down very, very quickly with the DoT on them.

A great site I just picked up...enjoy

for pets -

EDIT - great sites I of the most often overlooked aspects of hunters is maxing out your pets, even if you aren''t going that route... for instance, with the second link, I now know at level 43, my pet should be up to bite and claw 6, and I only have him to 4. So, that said...I highly recommend you all hit this site, and spend a couple hours every couple of weeks to roam around and improve your beast skills to where they should be... Its a huge difference in your pets fighting!

Ok so I recently hit 20... and I know that special things happen at certain milestones and I think that 20 is one of them... so what''s special about 20 and how do I do it?

I think you get Cheetah aspect and Disengage at 20, which should increase your survivability.

My hunter is level 22 now, and I''ve mostly been focusing on beast mastery and survival talents. My dodge is over 20% which definately helps when things go sour. I will most likely respec to marksman at higher level for PvP, but I''m pretty happy with my PvE performance for now.

Serpent Sting vs. Scorpid Sting: I''m really unsure about this one. Definately against elites I think I''d rather use scorpid since it will make them easier to take down, but against normal mobs the debuff seems wasted since they die so fast. At the same time, my current serpent sting only does about 30% more damage than a normal gunshot, but spreads it out over a long period of time. If I desperately need as much DPS as possible I''ll use it, but otherwise it seems a little pointless.

One thing though--the improved scorpid sting talent adds a stamina debuff. At the highest level this would be approximately a 22 point stamina debuff, which is equivalent to 220 points of damage. I think with that talent scorpid sting becomes a better choice than serpent.

Paladin...just work your own feel...if its a tough battle, I like the debuff, other wise, I like the poison to kill the mob as it tries to run away (concussion/poison) will help stop the mob from running to attract other mobs!

As I am rapidly approaching 30, I was wondering of any of you have thoughts on the usefullness of Aspect of the Beast.

Does it just block other hunter''s from tracking you? Does it affect beast mobs in the area around you?

Is it worth picking up?

If thats the one that makes you untrackable, I sure would like to know what the hell it does. Bought it, never used it, have no clue what it ''actually'' does...

Aspect of the Beast just makes you untrackable by other Hunters. It has zero use in PvE, unless their are mobs out their who use tracking and hunt you down, but I have never seen any

The thing that confuses me about Aspect of the Beast is that it says you become a Beast. Wouldn''t track Beast pick you up then? I know I see shaman and druids in animal form on track all the time . . .

I have used aspect of the beast several times, and you guys are right, it is almost useless in PvE, but in PvP it is helpful. I will use it when I am on my mount and know that I am going through horde populated areas so by the time the enemy sees me, they can''t get a shot off at me, same goes if a hunter or rogue is tracking you, click on it and voila, no more hud hunting you. The only time it is remotely useful in PvE is if you get a phone call or another RL situation comes up, I use it and shadowmeld and I am effectively invisible to anything unless it comes right up on me.

I''m missing something on the shadowmeld part...what is that?

"Pigpen" wrote:

I''m missing something on the shadowmeld part...what is that?

He''s a dirty Night Elf, the tree huggers have all sorts of cheaty tricks.

hello i am new to the hunter and to the WoW there a hunter build guide that a noob like me can use in building my new hunter? I just got the quest to get a pet and trying to tame a crab boar but the lag is so bad in Kharanos Iam not sure if I am doing it right as the boar has no interest in being tamed? I can''t grip the taming rod just right click on it in backpack or action bar to try to tame the beast?? I am just not getting it...LOL. Any help or tips??

Look for the ""Tame Beast"" (or something like that) action in your spellbook.

I will try that thanks!! I think I didn''t see that spell in the book any reason for that but i have the quest to tame a beast....I will check again tonight for it. On a separate note...How do i get a gif and put in my profile??

I was perusing the WoW forums (gasp!) for my response in Razorgrin''s thread and came across this entry that made me and I thought I''d share with you.

Regarding the proposal that hunters should be able to tame their own mounts (but can''t):

Each race that can be a hunter has a special Mob that will be their ''hunter mount'' that they have to tame.


Dorf - Bear
Troll - Zhevra!
Orc - Boar
Tauren - Paladin
Nelf - Gerbil

:lol: (It''s a joke.)

So I made it to level 30 last night/early this morning.... hit the trainer and picked up feign death.

So not being a huge EQ monk player I am a little unsure of how to use this ability.

Consider that I play in a PvE environment what do I use this for.

Pulling and breaking multiple mob pulls?
FD if a mob is about to kill me as an escape?

Garrad - FD is the single most useful skill in the none!

What do you use it for - to escape higher level opponents or just to escape certain death - usually from multiple mobs, to drop aggro from some of your area affect spells (i.e, break multiple pulls) - this is particularly effective with your pet - hit FD, mobs go to the pet, pick yourself up, heal with bandage, and back to healing your pet/ranging the opponent.

Another great use - if in an instance, and tpk is can hang in there and hold the instance from resetting by actually not being dead. use, you have to be stopped...can''t be running, and don''t wait too late - it can be resisted...for instance, a 35 would have a decent chance (seems in the 50% range for me) of resisting your FD at 30, while a couple of 30-32''s would be prob about 90% success for FD to work. You can use multiple times - I''ve FD''d, healed up, healed the pet, aggro back on me...FD again after timer, and popped back up to finish the mob. Don''t forget to tell the party you are FD, because the priest may run over to rez you..don''t want''ll appear dead to them except the words dead won''t appear over your portrait.

Note - this becomes useful even more so later...I have been critting for over 1050 damage with aimed arrows lately, and trust me...ain''t NOTHING pulling that aggro from you after that if the mob is tough, and you are with pet or warriors...FD, and then he''ll go to your pet or allies, pop up, dust yourself off, and back to arrows.

Note 2 - you can die in FD mode...area effect spells can be a bitch, so if you wait till low, and two mob mages are casting fire spells at you, both will still hit, and you could die...also, if the battle fight right by your FD body, I''ve died by area spells being casts on others near me.

BOTTOM LINE - learn to use this and use it one else has, and EVERYONE wishes they did!

now my turn for a question...i''m only level 47, and just realized from above I have shadowmeld...

what are good uses for it, do I have to stay still, etc...thoughts?

(Y''know how everybody''s got that one friend who never, ever gets jokes? You tell him/her one, and he/she just looks at you like ""Huh?"" Or worse yet, you make a joke related to something close to them and they get all aggravated?

...I just realized I''m that friend.)

now my turn for a question...i''m only level 47, and just realized from above I have shadowmeld...

what are good uses for it, do I have to stay still, etc...thoughts?

Yes you have to stay still, useful for going afk, or for laying in wait for an ambush.

In PvE I usually only use it for going AFK in aggresive areas.