WoW: Node bug.

Maybe once or twice per week I'll try and use a "node" in WoW, chest, Chen's keg, peacebloom - whatever - and I'll get stuck in the "using and object" crouch. The node will never open. I can even hit escape and keep playing normally except my toon is stuck in the crouch and glides around everywhere. Anyone else seen this? Is there a better way to fix this than logging out/in again? It seems to be the node it's self causing it - as returning to the same node will repeat the problem - using a different node won't. And no lag to speak of.

Using Cosmos UI if that could be a factor.

Not a factor that you are using Cosmos ... it happens with Herbalism also. Don''t believe there''s a fix for this yet.

I believe it is tied to the resource you are trying to get as well. It has happened to me twice in the past 7 days and both times it cleared up after about 20 seconds.

I''ve seen posts on this about it being a known bug and to use /bug in-game to report it. It has happened to me w/ mining.

No /reset_anim command or anything?

Oh also there is a Chen''s Keg in the Sourthen Barrens which does it to me every time. Even days later. Now I''ve already found one keg and returned it to Chen - but it was a keg from another area. So not sure if there should be multiple kegs to return... or just the one and the fact that I''m seeing this other one is part of the problem.

Yep, I find this bug with herbalism every so often. The only way to clear it is by finding another herb and successfully farming it. It can be annoying because it prevents you from looting corpses or anything else. Luckily, it''s pretty rare.

Hey! So *that''s""* what happened to me last week- I was harvesting some herbs near Stone Cairn Lake and froze in the harvesting position so I finally logged out and it cleared up; then it happened again.

Great news that ""it''s not just me"".....

This used to happen all the time in Beta with looting and nasty lag; you''d be stuck in the ''get loot'' position for 5+ minutes sometimes.

I get this in Elwyn when I try to mine the copper node at the Tower of Aszhara(sp?) every time. And in Redridge there''s a node that says ""copper mine"" twice, one on top of the other, that is always ""already in use"".

Eventually, my avatar will ""pop"" to the standing pose, but not actually animate, IIRC.

It''s not quite the same as the loot lag at the end of beta, since it''s only certain items in certain locations that seem to do it. Or maybe it is, just much less extreme. Like the corpses that won''t stop animating.