[EQ2] new weps!

Finished the Zek access quest last night, and the first new quest I completed there i got an exellent new war maul. Can't use it till I'm like 30 though it is so good!

So I went and bought 2 ebon quarterstaffs on the black market.

I was extremely tired (after midnight), but I decided to jump into Antonica just tp check the new weps out.

At first, they looked like a normal staff on my back, but when I fought something my monk seperated them and I went to town with the 2 quarterstaffs. Very nice animations!

Nice karmajay going to finish the zek quest I thing Friday night with my Paladin if all the people I am doing it with will be on.

For fun I made a ratonga brawler and I really like some of the animations. The bo staff animation are the best but I also do not mind the dual Nomad Walking Sticks that he is wielding now.