WoW: New Patch Sneak Peak - 12/16/04

It''s still down for me.

I got to connected, then WoW flipped me off, said HA-HA and disconnected me.


It''s up!!

...and it''s down again.

have I mentioned curses yet?


Atleast you guys can play! I haven''t had internet for a week.

After three service trips out SBC has finally determined that the problem is in the house, after always saying it was something between us and some station somewhere. I am able to connect now because I am plugged directly into the box outside using a long phone line and a laptop. I think we''re going to try a homerun because the next time a technician can make it out here is Monday. Wish us luck.

"Eezy_Bordone" wrote:

Player vs. Player Battlegrounds -- Siege Weapons
Hero classes

Siege engine and mountain king, ja? Please?