Tuesday Dec 21st WoW Plans

There's really only a small core of us playing on Tuesday it seems but that's ok, we always have a full group and everyone is staying close to each other's level. Here's what we're shooting for next Tuesday.

Level 18 - 22 range

Where? Silverpine

Fenris Isle

Quests? Weaver, Assault on Fenris Isle and a few others.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a primer for the Silverpine castle instance we'll be doing soon. It's a great dungeon and we'll all want to be 20+ before we tackle it. See you on Tuesday!

If you're looking for a good place to get some quests and some experience the Stonetalon mountains (west of the Crossroads in the Barrens) has a ton of quests and many of the starting ones are level 14+. Good for soloing!

I''ll see if I can get Graxx up there... I''ve been slacking MAJORLY (and, by slacking, I mean playing my primary.)

He''s 12... If I concentrate, I can probably get him to 18 by Tuesday.

I think I am in the 22 level range, but would be late to the party -- to the extent that I can come at all -- so it might be just as well.

My warlock is lvl 21, and I do need to finish those quests in there. Sounds good.

I''ll try to make it for that, but I''m not sure.

Hubb Lvl 19 Undead Priest

What time? And where do we meet?

Where? Silverpine

When? 8PM CST

I''ll be working hard tonight... I''m currently 16.6 right now, and can make it to 18 (or higher) if I apply myself.

That is, if I''m wanted, being a lowly 18 and all.

Anyone planning on going back to Ragefire any time soon? Dramarlyn, did you finish the Hidden Enemies quest?

I hooked up with Grohm (is that fangblackbone?) and some random people to finish off Ragefire the next night. Let me know if you''re going to do it again, I can show you where Bazzalan is...

I need to do the last bit of it too.

I''ll be on tonight: Bando, Blackhand.

Thanks for the game last night! Those quests gave some very satisfying XP & loot. I loved picking up my new Burning Wand on Fenris Isle. Funny...usually when I travel I try my best not to come home with a burning wand.

Too bad I didn''t quite feel ""on"" ... I felt like my UI was acting a little screwy or something. I kept having problems targeting people for heals, targeting baddies, etc. Anyway, sorry I''ll miss doing the instance next week since I''ll be travelling. For a minute I entertained the thought of bringing WoW to my in-laws over the holidays...and I could practically feel the Divorce Lawyers stirring in their sleep.