WoW Fan Chat

Are you considering alternatives or changes to the current Auction House?
We will continue to improve the auction house interface. We also plan on putting auction houses in all major cities and linking them to one another.

Will high-level players be punished in some way under the new PvP system when they kill low-level players?
We aren't planning on punishing players for killing low level players; instead we would like to offer compelling incentives to players who kill appropriately level opponents. In addition, the Battlefields will be restricted to players of specific level ranges.

Will new zones be introduced soon to the game and will there be instanced dungeons with those zones?
We are planning on introducing Maraudon a level 40-49 instance dungeon in Desolace in the next content patch. Our dungeon team is also working on another high-level dungeon that will be implemented in one of the upcoming patches. We are also working on additional raid content for players of specific level ranges and we expect that the most compelling PvP content will be in Battlefields.

Do you plan on taking more advantage of the in-game mail system?
We are planning on using the mail system for quests in the future. In addition we plan on adding new mail features, such as sending multiple items in one mail.

What's the goal for patching in the different territories in terms of timing?
Our goal with each patch is to translate and test it so there is very little delay in distributing it to all territories.

Will you be adding more raid quests?
The next few patches will contain additional raid quests, including quests focusing on the Molten Core and more raid bosses. We don't want to ruin any surprises by telling you their names.

Do you have plans for one-shot events in the game, such as for Halloween, the holidays, etc?
We do have plans for world events, such as special items and quests for holidays, but again we don't want to ruin any surprises...

Any plans for adding more map functionality over time?
Yes - we do have plans to improve the map functionality.

What side and classes do Blizzard people play?
We have a big team, and almost every class and race are represented. The community team plays the following: Gnome/Warrior, Tauren/Druid, and Nightelf/Rogue!

What are the plans for Silithus?
We are going to continue to patch in Silithus content over time, and one day the gates of Ahn'qiraj will open revealing an instanced raid zone.

What are your thoughts on PvP balance and how the classes should stack up versus each other?
Although we will be making balance improvements, in general we are pretty happy with our PvP class balance. However, we don't feel drastic changes are needed at this time.

Will you add new quests to existing zones or only to new zones?
We will be adding quests to existing zones as well as quests for all of the new zones. In addition, more class specific quests and more quests to Kalimdor.

Do you plan on making any changes on how daze works?
Daze chance has been reduced in degrees depending on the level of the monster versus the level of the player. Thus, a monster will have a better chance to Daze a player equal in level than it would Dazing a player five levels higher.

What are your plans for Battlegrounds?
Battlegrounds are currently being tested and refined internally. The Battlegrounds offer a variety of new game mechanics, such as the ability to capture graveyards and guard towers.

How long will it take to reach the highest rank in the PvP system?
Players will need to actively participate in honorable PvP in order to gain and maintain honor rankings. We expect the process of climbing to the top of the ranks will take at least a few months, at which point those players will need to continue performing at a high level in order to stay on top.

Some good info. Looking forward to the improvements.

I can''t wait for future patches. Thanks for the post.

Auction House in SW?

I saw this yesterday and linked to it in another thread but it''s not worth finding.

I do like the proposed changes but I think I was spoiled by CoH''s dev team feedback. All of the stuff listed here is quite a ways off I think and while they''re toiling to get the next patch out by xmas there''s been no official word on what they''re wanting to put in/fix with it.

Silence is a dangerous sound as a Fugazi song said.

I saw this yesterday and linked to it in another thread but it''s not worth finding.

I saw that, but I went ahead and did the cut and paste work you LAZY LINKER.

The thing I''m most looking forward to is the LFG option. I hope you can specify what kind of group you''re looking for, like looking for Deadmines group, or a group for a specific quest/zone. Playing at odd times (read not prime-time) I have a hard time making GWJ quest runs so it''d be nice to be able to find pick-up groups.