GWJFFL 2nd Round Playoffs

I drew Opti. Time for some payback!

Swampy, you so lazy!

Certs Fresh (13-0-0)

QB D. McNabb (Phi - QB) Dal
WR T. Holt (StL - WR) @Ari
WR J. Walker (GB - WR) Jac
WR E. Moulds (Buf - WR) @Cin
RB C. Dillon (NE - RB) @Mia
RB N. Goings (Car - RB) @Atl
TE C. Fauria (NE - TE) @Mia
K A. Vinatieri (NE - K) @Mia
DEF Seattle (Sea - DEF) @NYJ


The Reborn Irish! (8-5-0)

QB A. Brooks (NO - QB) @TB
WR M. Muhammad (Car - WR) @Atl
WR J. Morton (KC - WR) Den
WR D. Northcutt (Cle - WR) SD
RB S. Alexander (Sea - RB) @NYJ
RB T. Fisher (GB - RB) Jac
TE R. McMichael (Mia - TE) NE
K M. Stover (Bal - K) @Ind
DEF Baltimore (Bal - DEF) @Ind

The Reborn Irish put up a strong showing last week and actually out-scored Certs Fresh. A sign of things to come?

Memphis Optimists (8-5-0)

QB T. Brady (NE - QB) @Mia
WR D. Patten (NE - WR) @Mia
WR B. Stokley (Ind - WR) Bal
WR T. Pinkston (Phi - WR) Dal
RB A. Green (GB - RB) Jac
RB M. Alstott (TB - RB) NO
TE A. Crumpler (Atl - TE) Car
K D. Akers (Phi - K) Dal
DEF New England (NE - DEF) @Mia


Swampchiefs (11-1-1)

QB B. Favre (GB - QB) Jac
WR R. Wayne (Ind - WR) Bal
WR E. Kennison (KC - WR) Den
WR D. Bennett (Ten - WR) @Oak
RB E. James (Ind - RB) Bal
RB J. Bettis (Pit - RB) @NYG
TE J. Putzier (Den - TE) @KC
K J. Brown (Sea - K) @NYJ
DEF Chicago (Chi - DEF) Hou

Stokley and Wayne will be figting for those catches this week. Should be a good fight!

I''ll be lucky if I even compete Certis. Aaron Brooks has been playing on borrowed points all season, and if it wasn''t for the Baltimore D (who, oh yeah, is playing the Colts this weekend), I would never have gotten this far.

I am ready for my beating sir! Please be gentle!

I don''t think Certs Fresh has much to worry about this week with McNabb playing Dallas. The Swampchiefs, on the other hand, may be in trouble as Favre, Wayne and James are all up against tough defenses while the Optimists have Brady-Patten against Miami, Akers against Dallas and the NE defense against the pathetic Dolphin offense. Alstott could also get a TD or 2 against the worst run defense in the NFL.

I''m not worried.


[quote=""Certis""]Swampy, you so lazy!

Well, Dr. Cut n'' paste, maybe I didn''t do that as the lineups will change!

On a non-GWJff playoff note, in my other league my friend was up by 30 points with only one player left on the other team to play.

That other player? Drew Bennett. Game over, he loses by 10.

That other player? Drew Bennett. Game over, he loses by 10.


I just reviewed my lineup. I have only one quandry this week. At WR, Wayne or Moore. I''m leaning towards Wayne. Moore is playing the worse passing D, but Wayne is in the game more often and will be getting more touches. Not asking for advice, just thinking aloud, as it were.

Any Manning receiver is gold I would think.

I actually played Stokely and Wayne in my other league at the same time (which is usually a no-no) all year and it worked out well.

I agree. Hell, most of the season I had Wayne, Clark, and James in my lineup at the same time! The Raven''s D just has me second-guessing. I did some stats analysis and I think I''m going with my current lineup.

Last year in the MatrixGames Yahoo league I made it to the Superbowl before my luck ran out (My QB - Peyton - choked in the New England Game)

I.... I.... ummmm. *choke*

Could''ve been worse: you could''ve had Owens.

"Certis" wrote:

I.... I.... ummmm. *choke*

Don''t worry, i still have time to blow it. Your 3 NE''ers against Randy McMichael. 22 points looks awfully small against corey dillon.

If New England pulls out an early lead (very possible) they''ll sit Dillon and I''ll probably be short what I need. I gotta say, I never expected McNabb and Holt get held to such low numbers. Holt almost pulled in a TD pass and fumbled it on the one yard line, the bastard. If Walker had gotten a TD to go along with his crazy yards I would have been a bit closer too.

McNabb killed me though. Ungh.

And Swampy, your chi must be strong. Bennit is breaking out in a big way and so far your opponent has been held to zero points. Incredible.

And Swampy, your chi must be strong. Bennit is breaking out in a big way and so far your opponent has been held to zero points. Incredible.

Sshh, don''t remind me. Good news is I won the championship in my other league so this one is not too bad. I still hope I don''t get skunked, I would like 30-40 points but it looks like ill be lucky to break into the teens.

Chi? After the Sunday that I had, I just think fate decided that one nice thing should happen to me during that 24 hour period.

You know, normally at 85-0 I''d be supremely confident. But with Brady, Patton, and the NE D going against the dreadful Dolphins, I''m not going to take anything for granted. It is entirely possible they could put up 85 points between them. I only hope that once the butt-kicking starts the starteds all take a seat so they can stay healthy for the playoffs.

Nice fight Certis. Had to stay up to watch the end of this one...

I''m just hoping there is no recount on the scoreboard.

Who is my starting tight end? Daniel Graham. Who was injured all week and not supposed to play? Daniel Graham. Who played anyways and scored for the first time in like nine weeks? Daniel Graham. Who did I start in stead? Fauria. How much did Certs Fresh lose by? 1. Fricking. Point.

Good game Fredster! Good luck against Swampy!

*passes out*

Certs lost?

Certs lost?

I feel the earth a rumbling! The devil is coming to get his due...

"Certis" wrote:

.... Good luck against Swampy!


Yeah. Figures.

Who is the only team I lost to in the regular season? The Reborn Irish. Coincidence? I think not.

I fear your chi Swampy. I feel like a passenger on Swampy could be very successful, or I could crash and burn.

Good luck to you sir!

I''ll see you upon the field of honor.