Straight Forward Newb Area - Tauren

I have to say that the Tauren newb experience was quite enjoyable yesterday. I have only previously played a tauren up to almost level 6 in the beta. So it may as well be a completely fresh experience to get to level 12 last evening.

I didnt feel rushed and yet I was able to hit level 10 in 3 hours and 30 minutes. This is a feat I usually accomplish only in areas Im well versed in like the NE area of Teldrassil. There are a lot of similarities to the design of Teldrassil and Mulgore, yet I prefer the later.

The reason I prefer Mulgore is that I always felt when I set out from the village I was going to an area where I had 3 objectives to complete. Teldrassil involved much more back tracking because I would usually only have 2 objectives or 1 objective and I would find another along the way.

I agree, there seems to be a little less running back and forth for only one thing/quest in the Tauren area. And Mulgore is my favorite area so far, compared to the others I''ve seen.

Having raised a Tauren Hunter to 21 in beta and a Tauren Shaman to 18 in retail, I agree that the Tauren starting areas are quite nice. The quests are straightforward, don''t require too much running around and are generally a blast.

Has anyone else noticed that they increased mob density quite significantly in the Camp Tauranjo/South Barrens area since Beta? I had very few problems with aggressive adds when levelling my hunter, but man - I was constantly getting trounced by multiple adds each time I tried to take on a Stormsnout or suchlike with my shaman just off the Gold Road.

Agreed. I love the Tauren starting area.

I like the Tauren start area as well...although I''ve still only gotten Moonalisa up to lvl 8 or so...I still haven''t found some of the questy things I need to find...and those dwarves kicked my little cow butt...

Yah once I got the tools, I used the forge in thunder bluff. You dont have to get too far in before you start bumping into the healers. Druids dont have an interrupt spell so that makes it much harder. You have to wait to get bear form before you can stun/interrupt. Cat forms quick attacks make it much harder to cast against a druid as well.

I like the cleansing the well series. I wish there were more of them.

What they said.
Didn''t play beta and haven''t tried any other races before making Padwynd. As a true newbie to WoW, the challange of learning and flying by the seat of your pants is great fun. There is something about buffalo wielding guns with a cat companion that is just funny! Next, I want a pet bird from Booty Bay.