Deadmines 12/14

I feel left out of all these Deadmine runs since I could never dedicate the time.. but my gf won't be home until late tonight so I figured I'd see if anyone in the lower 20's is interested. Was thinking after work today, starting around 6:30pm EST.

There's 4 quests (that I know of):

Collecting Memories...
Oh Brother...
Underground Assault
Defias Brotherhood (VanCleef)

The first 3 you get in Stormwind in the dwarven area.. the first 2 from a miner inside the inn and the 3rd from a gnome in the plaza. The Defias Brotherhood is a multi-part quest you get in Westfall with VanCleef being the end (I think).

So if anyone's got those quests and want to knock them out tonight (or if we end up with open spots and you just want to help) then sound off so I can get an idea if anyone is interested.

I've already done Collecting Memories but don't have a problem going through there again if someone in the group needs it. It's a quick 10-15 minute collection quest.

Apparently there's other quests too.. I'll still this link from Certis's thread of other Deadmine quests

I''m 18 and up for the deadmines, but I can''t start any earlier than about 8cst unfortunately. Baby, doncha know.

Whoops.. I completely forgot Tuesday is the scheduled Horde night for most everyone. Ah well, guess I''ll look for a pickup group or maybe wait until this weekend.