WoW: I'm so uber!

Anyways, just had to boost my own ego a little bit ... was fighting in the Scarlet Monestary tonite and picked up a couple real nice items (click my profile in sig). The new dagger and the offhand item. Definitely an awesome instance (took around 3 hours to get through) and a TON of loot also. Nice once you hit the mid to high 30s.

Give us details!

What went on? Who''d you fight?

I''ve been farming SM for a few days now and while the first few times through were an amazing rush, it''s lost it''s luster for me now that I realize there''s very little non-mail armor available. It should be noted that I''m way over the ""ideal"" level for trying the zone, apparently.

It''s basically set up as four seperate instances that you have to fight through to get to a boss. There''s a quest that requires you to kill four bosses for some exceptional weapons (mmm... Black Menace, you little poker of love) that''s actually kind of interesting. I believe it starts in Desolace, the little Alliance outpost in the north for you Alliance folks.

There are little tricks that make the end fights interesting, at least when there''s some element of novelty/terror. They do make good use of the tricks, Blizzard does... I thought Gnomeregan end fight was exceptionally well done myself. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Btw, the commander drops some shield and mace that causes paladins to collapse in the throes of lust, so typically your party looks like this: three paladins, a warrior there for the excellent Scarlet mail set drops and you. If you''re a non-mail wearing class, there''s not much to keep your interest there, but it is an interesting zone. I like the fact you can find weeds in their courtyards and the huntmaster drops a whistle that summons a demon dog to fight for you...

Tee heeee this is the next dungeon for me and I wants that dagger. I loved it when I had it in beta.