WoW: Anyone have a guest pass they don't want?

I know quite a few of us bought WoW Collector's Editions (myself included) and I was curious if anyone had a 10-Day Guest Pass they aren't going to use. A friend of mine at work seems to be dissatisfied with EQ2 and I think if he gave WoW a shot he might enjoy it more. I'd be willing to offer anything from a few dollars to in game WoW loot (100 medium leather?, gold pieces, etc) to software trades from The Trading Post thread. Thanks for any help!

Note: FYI, I already gave my 10-day pass out to a different coworker who has eagerly jumped on the WoW Bandwagon.

I could use one as well for my g/f since I was unable to find a CE. If you''d all be so generous.

I have not used mine, and I don''t plan to. What would be the best way to get it to you? Post it here? Mail it?

I already sent mine off to Demiurge.

You''ll want to PM it, for saftey reasons *looks suspiciously at you bas..guys*

The person I was going to use my guest pass for picked up the game just based on my recommendation, and none of my other friends would stick with the game, so I''d be more than happy to offer my guest pass to anyone who could make use of it.

JimmDog posted first, so I guess his can go to Lock & Load and mine can go to Dr. Ghastly?

If that''s fine with Jimmdog and L&L, that works for me.

Well whoever JimmDogg is offering his to (Lock&Load or Dr.Ghastly), I''ll offer up mine to the other one. I''ve been meaning to do so since my BIL passed on it when I saw him this past weekend (I was waiting to give him first right of refusal). I''m not providing install media, though, but that doesn''t seem to be a problem here. Just send me a PM if you still want/need it.

Ghastly, I''ll try to PM you my guest pass tonight when I get home, assuming my internet likes me.

Works for me!

Everyone good? Anyone still need/want one?

Grumpicus, if you still have one I would love to snag the 10 day pass. I won''t be able to buy the game until after I move into my new apartment at the end of December (it''ll probably be longer than that though.) and would love to get a head start in game before then.

I''m sad. My 10 day key expires tonight (while I''m here at work), but my group of friends doesn''t do gift exchange until Thursday. And that''s assuming that one of them even got it for me!

I''m already getting the shakes.

I have a friend who is on the fence about buying WoW. He''s never played a MMORPG and is hesitant to purchase a game that also requires a monthly subscription.

But I''m almost positive he''d get hooked if he was able to try the game first. If anyone has a guest pass I could use to get him addicted, er, I mean to show him how cool that game is, I''d appreciate it.

FYI (where ""Y"" = anyone reading this thread and wondering), mine went to cartoonin99 last night.

Thank you JimmDogg for the key! My friend will be hopping into Azeroth later tonight!

"Grumpicus" wrote:

FYI (where ""Y"" = anyone reading this thread and wondering), mine went to cartoonin99 last night.

Yes it did.

And it further solidifies the fact that I will be buying the game at the earliest convenience (read: when my money starts coming in rather than bleeding out.).

Thank you again Grumpicus, very much.