Help a brother out! (Alliance brethren)

My suggestion - that dues for being in the guild in WoW be enacted based on some basic random formula that ensure higher levels pay more than lower levels.

Then...whenever someone creates their FIRST Alliance (because the Horde are evil, vile and selfish creatures you know) PC, and joins the GWJ guild, that one PC gets a free tabard thingie (1gp costs) to wear proudly. The tabard would be bought from dues paid in, and given to the members first PC to look uber cool!!!

Hey...that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to them!

Let''s try to stick with one exclamation point in titles

Guild dues are an interesting concept but that would mean I would have to track money and it sounds like a lot of work. Since ""work"" and ""playing games"" should never be combined I''m going to vote no on the idea, although it would be cool if they had some sort of guild banking system in place.

While I''m not against dues per se I think all of us have bought our own tabards. I also try to give armor kits to those in need and make myself available for quests (even if I''ve done them and you don''t mind a lvl30 ruining xp).

At this point though I don''t really see a need for dues, we don''t have a hall or central area to congregate. The best we can do is what we do now, give other guildies the chance to get items before we sell or mail them to the (dis)enchanter.

That said, you could argue the opposite, many of us donated 1G or more to the initial 10G price and you could make the argument we should get some of that back with everyone that joins the guild. I''m not like that though, hell I mail 75s when the person only needs 50.

Im getting to the point where money isn''t as big a deal (I spent 5G on 50 heavy leather to make some armor kits this morning) as it was but I start to worry when I dip below the 1G mark.

If you need money take more of our ''junk'' and sell it for yourself. I''m not a fascist and don''t care what happens to the item once it''s in the mail.

I can be the guild Treasurer.

There is no need for dues. Newbs will get their money for a tabard in due course. 1GP isn''t so much at lvl 20.

I really wish there was a guild ""vault"" like we have banks or auction houses where we could dump items for the guild, then whenever guild members need something they just take it from the vault. Right now it''s basically like you call out in the channel and if a person that can use it happens not to be on, tough luck.

I don''t really think dues are all that necessary either. 1st someone would need to be in control of all the dues being sent in. There is no official way to track it which means a lot of wasted time doing upkeep instead of enjoying the game. That person would than have to be online for any of the lowbies to benefit from having such a system.

Another problem is that 3/4 of our guild (this is a best guess mind you) are alt characters. We probably have 25 different people in the guild and 65 members in the guild. So most of those characters are not going to get played all that much and when it comes down to it a dues system would just mean that everyone would be paying themsleves money in the end because the dues would be going to help the lowbies out. Anyone at any given time can contribute to thier alts so I don''t see a point.

As the situation stands everyone in the guild has been more than happy to help someone just starting out, if they can spare the time or money or items. So I don''t see a reason for there to be any sort of dues system when people are already going above and beyond the call of the duty to help out thier guildies.

So if you need some help don''t be afraid to ask. If someone can help I have no doubt they will.

OK...I get it...can''t a brother just beg now and then...sigh

still love you all...and Alonfanna hates being broke...but I can make potions and find herbs at at a basic alls good...haha

eeze, are you the one that sent Snood the 75sp? LOL I am actually close to having that all made back at this point (just in time to blow it all again on training my next set of skills )

yeah I mailed him some cash for getting a bag design for Leaping. Can''t have our tailor getting masculinized killing sh*t all the time, he''s got to be kept busy with that needle and thread!

I like the idea of a Guild Vault, but not so much the due paying-thingy.

Yeah, the guild vault would be cool... except we''d have to be alot more careful about who was in the guild. Perhaps if it was locked to officers or something... So who''s mailing Blizzard?

Yeah, you have the chance of griefers just taking everything from the vault to just sell, but hopefully we don''t have any of that kind hanging around here.

On the other hand, you could have a vote anytime something wants to be taken... like whoever in the guild is online at least a 1/3 have to vote ok anytime someone wants something.

a guild bank doesn''t have to be a place in game someone could just put it up on a forum thread someone takes it and goes down to pm or game convo...a little sloppy but it gets the point across.

Guild vault is a great idea. There are tons of possibilities for filters for use; such as need based check out only (e.g. priests can''t take out mail armor). Of course, having a vault would reduce one of the big money sinks in the game (the email system); I imagine there would have to be a deposit and/or withdrawal fee.

heres an interesting idea:
why not make a system option to ask ie a trade from original owner to remove item from storage. A yes or no is given with or without reason. If no response is given then the answer is default no also guildmaster can override and give item to said requester...just a burned by general storage a lot.
edit: Idea 2: You can also make a guild storage that requires an officer of the guild to escort you to the guild storage and give rights to it. Kinda like a lock box only well semi public storage.

What about a slightly separate idea of a Guild-only classified ad system (do they have this already?). It could still use the existing mail system, but could alert guildmates to equipment of others that they might be able to use. It wouldn''t resolve the storage issue, but maybe there could be a small ""storage fee"" that each person acquiring equipment through this system paid to the provider (allowing him to eventually afford a new slot at the bank). The storage fee would be modest and wouldn''t be tied to the value of the item (although we could have set fees depending on the level req. of the item...).

Anyway, having not suffered from public storage issues before, I come at this idea with little knowledge as to potential free-loader problems.

Cosmos has a classified ad system I think. I haven''t tried it, but I do seem to remember seeing an option for it in the Cosmos menu.

Hmm that reminds me, I need to get another bag or 2 to set up in the banks, for allt he extra ""crud"" that accumulates on you

Why doesn''t someone just make a character named ""guildvault"" or something, and everyone mails stuff to him... whoever is the treasurer keeps a running list of what''s in, if you want something, you send an email to request an item, if he sees it you get it reasonably quickly, if not, it may take a while. The problem is that whoever is the treasurer has a lot of poopy work to do, and would need to be online a lot... may be a stop-gap solution...

I think the way we currently do things is fine, no need to get bogged down with a bunch of extra steps.

Agree with Certis...I was just looking/begging for free stuff...ya know

but I will go with the always

"Certis" wrote:

I think the way we currently do things is fine, no need to get bogged down with a bunch of extra steps.

Roger that.

Guild-members are very generous. There is a lot of spam (alliance side at least) with people offering all sorts of magic items that they found for free to other guildies. The point is that there has been no problem with people hording/not sharing. I agree with others that a fee is unecessary.

I apparently didn''t put enough in my posts...sorry...

I''m happy as a clam in alfredo sauce with how things are... Was just trying to see about getting a tabard (since when hell freezes is when I''ll get a gold coin... But everyone is GREAT in the guild kudo''s to all

You could have just asked for money instead of trying to make up an elaborate scheme to get it

I will give you a gold for a tabard if you still need it. What is your character''s name?


gratis kind sir...I just want to look cool and have everyone know the sexy night elf is a GWJ clannette!!!

and Certis...asking for money would have only given me 1 post towards my 1,000, versus the 5 I got out of seemed like a neat idea at the time!!!

OK, I will sent you a gold today when I get online.

Only if you have it extra...but if so...I become your loyal subject!!!

Ooh, snap! If anyone is giving out donations, Grumpicus has about 36 bronze in the bank. I promise to call anyone who buys me a tabard ""sugar daddy"" (or ""mama"" - yes, I''m talking to you Ronsy and Peecaboo ) for a month.