Heroes With Jobs

Hey guys!

I still play City of Heroes here and there, and have noticed when logging in with my main lately that there is rarely anyone on from the GWJ crew. Most characters are well over a month since last login, save Rokushi (my character), Zeveac (my friend's character) and the Golden Mummy (?).

Anyway, I was wondering if I could be made an officer of the supergroup to keep it alive (Rokushi will not be quitting her heroic career anytime soon, though WoW eats up more of my time recently), and also if anyone has characters in the HWJ sg that doesn't plan to play anymore, I could winnow down the roster a wee bit.

I don't plan to go on an invitation spree, but this would allow me to occasionally recruit people who want in from the forums, and also to be able to pull in any other friends of mine who join up.

Yeah, I kinda dropped fell out of using the Hibachi Kid... after his Respec, he felt really blah to me compared to before... so I switched over to the Virtue server and started up a new character.

If Ace O''Spades is still in there, please remove him. I apologize for not mentioning that before. Also, I think Baalzemon may still be in there- he can be dropped as well.

Any officers?

I''m willing to also pick up general upkeep duties for the supergroup if the previous officers aren''t really sticking with the game anymore.

Thanks for the info, you two. I''ll keep that noted.

Paragon''s criminals will never be safe from the wrath of the Heroes With Jobs!

Alright, come on, has the management been in a meeting all day or something?

I was an officer, but my account is cancelled. I know Eezy was, but I bet he is in the same boat.

Yeah I cancelled back in November.

Hey Farscry, what server/character/level are you? I still play now and then, but my small group of friends has largely abandoned CoH for other games. I''ve been playing some of my low level alts, but finding non-idiot groups has been rough. This is on Pinnacle.

Demos, update 3 will include a free respec for all characters at all levels, so can always respec your guy back the way he was before.

I''m primarily on Pinnacle, my main is Rokushi, level 21 (almost 22) katana/regen scrapper. I created this character back in May, and have worked on her as a solo hero off-and-on in between times teaming up with friends.

I also have a slew of characters in the 5-15 range on this server and Liberty.

So you can see I''m definitely not ""hard-core"", but I have a blast.

Since Demo is still playing I believe I made him an Officer so he can boost you up so you can take it over.

You can remove Torrance and Brenda Blaze.

Cool, I have 3 main characters I''m playing at the moment. Magma Force-- 34 Fire/Stone tanker, Android 7-- 20 Kinetics/Radiation defender, and Icerazor-- 11 Ice/Storm controller. All on Pinnacle.

I''ll add Rokushi to Android''s friends list, as he''d be good teamed up with you.

I''ve been playing in retail since April, and beta since January. I clearly like the game, but with my highest character only level 34 I''m definately not hardcore. Granted, Magma could be 40+ by now if I played him exclusively, but that''s no fun.

Android sounds like he''d be a great fit with Rokushi! I have a few friends who also play from time to time as well, and we have a trio of alts all level 19, too.

Sounds good. I''ve mostly been trying to level up my controller lately, but finding groups has been hard since most players are in the 20-30 range right now. And soloing an Ice controller is slooooow.

I can''t predict when I''ll be on, but I''ll definately try and look you up when I am.

you''re always welcome to drop me a line when ya see me; I doubt my friends would mind adding another fun face to the party!