Any recommendations on GameFly?

It looks like Netflicks for games, and I'm curious how they're working out - whether they have enough of a selection, good wait times, etc. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Great service, I highly recommend them. Especially if you live west of the Mississippi. I couldn''t afford it any longer but when I was using it games usually took 3-4 days to arrive. Faster if you live in central/west USA.

I use them and have been pretty happy so far. No real long wait times. Sometimes getting a game that just came out comes down to timing though. You might have just sent one game back hoping to get one that just came out and then about the day before yours gets to them all the copies of the game you wanted are out for a short while.

But their buy it prices are really good.

I used it pretty happily for about six months to catch up on some games I had missed out on. I don''t really play my console enough to justify it for longer, but I was relatively pleased with the service. Experienced a few waits to receive my game (around four to five days) but not that often. For a strong console gamer it''s an easy decision.

Thumbs up here!

I also give it a big thumbs up. However, I live about two hours (as the car drives) from their distribution center so I get real quick turn-arounds. Have occasionally dropped a game in the mail on Wednesday and had my next game in hand on Friday afternoon!

Wow, I''ve heard nothing but good things about GF. I guess you can pretty much be guaranteed a game huh? That''s what I hate about Blockbuster, especially the one near my house which is not too down with the new releases.

Is it Canada friendly?

Coldforged did a review a while back
Hey they''ve still got it linked on their In The News page.

Right alongside CNN Money, cool beans.

Highly recommended though the farther East you are, the longer games are in transit. Since I''m a ""play one game while the other ones are shipping"" it wasn''t a big deal for me.

That being said, I cancelled my subscription today so I can pay for WoW (I''ve got Halo 2 and 2k5 and that''s all I need for the XBox - oh, and Burnout3 for when a group of friends are over)... but I''ll definitely be going back (since I''ll no doubt have plenty to catch up on) once I''m done with WoW.

"Pyroman[FO" wrote:

""]Coldforged did a review a while back
Hey they''ve still got it linked on their In The News page.

Right alongside CNN Money, cool beans.

Hey, that is cool. But, they''ve got a snapshot of the article... in PDF format. WTF?

Anyway, I''m going to have to cast my vote against gamefly. Not because there''s something better out there, but I think that at over twenty bucks a month, getting your value out of it can be a challenge. Granted I''m in the east so turnaround times were long for me. Bottom line: You have to love playing lots of different games and you must play them often. Couple that with the fact that I couldn''t get any new game within two weeks of release during my subscription.

Me: I want Riddick!
Gamefly: Good for you, wait. Then wait some more.
Me: Sigh. OK, I want NFL 2k5!
Gamefly: Oh yeah, ha, that''s a good one. Sure pal, we''ll get that right over to you...
Me: Sigh.

Although, I must say that when I called to cancel my subscription it was a disturbingly easy process. No harassment, just ""OK, you''re cancelled, have a good day.""

In the midwest here, and was very pleased with my Gamefly subscription while I kept it active. Only reason I cancelled was due to budgetary concerns and a lack of time. I plan to resubscribe in the future if those two concerns ever resolve themselves.

I liked Gamefly too (2 day shipping times most of the way!), but decided I didn''t use it enough to justify the cost. But I do very much recommend the service if you''re a heavy console player that doesn''t want to buy the games.

I had the same problems that Bagga did. The games I wanted wouldn''t arrive in what I considered a timely manner.