Try a New Alt Night!

Well, I would have liked to start it today but my final push to make it up to lvl 8 never happened. I got called in to work and that pretty well screwed me. If you guys planned on meeting we can link up next week and figure this all out.

I''ve got an alt started on the horde side...a cow druid named Moonalisa, but she''s only lvl 5 or so. I''ve also got some alts on the Alliance side...that I can try to get up to speed...did we ever decide which side of the fence we were playing on?

I created an alt Mage on the Alliance side on Blackhand, got it to level 8, but then got sucked into going to the NCAA Championship game (mens soccer) this afternoon. 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific. I should be back online shortly thereafter, and will also be already to go next week.

Are we doing alliance or horde? For some reason I thought we were doing alliance, but I am not wedded to it.

Well, our group is doing Alliance. I don''t know about these other people.

Just an update, my priest, Metacognito, is up to level seven. When ever you guys want to get the group going, we can give it a shot.

I''ll make a Mage or a Paladin to play with Meta - when do you want to play...

Well, Sunday''s at 3pm CST are what we had planned. If we decide to just flat out meet at level ten, that may give everyone enough time to flesh out their characters a bit.

I made a mage named Larhyn that had some fun grouping with Ydrathia (sp?) yesterday.

I am 12 and she is 15. We are hunting in the Auberdine/Darkshore area.

Anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

"Reaper81" wrote:

Well, Sunday''s at 3pm CST are what we had planned. If we decide to just flat out meet at level ten, that may give everyone enough time to flesh out their characters a bit.

That works for me. Should we set a location as to where to meet?

I have a new alt named Fluxcap. Gnome mage who can engineer. I like it!

I think we should meet in front of Stormwind, that way we can decide if we want to hit Loch Modan, Elwynn Forest, or whatever and still be relatively close geographically where we need/want to go.

Let me know where to be level wise for next Sunday. This is going to be a super hectic week with the folks coming to visit for the holiday this Friday and we''re trying to finish painting half the house, but I''d like to make the next Sunday meeting if possible.

We''ll just say level 10 and we''ll take it from there! Oh... and could every one please post their character names that''s interested in participating?

I made an alt Human Warlock named Cerra last night on Blackhand. Not too bad so far, definately miss some of my Hunter abilities like tracking though.

Edgarnewt - Gnome Mage - Blackhand. Currently level 8; will be level 10 by next Sunday.

I see everyone''s loving the Gnome mages...

Well, since we''ve got mages for days...I''ll go with a dwarf fighter...that said, I don''t know that I can do much during the holidays, as we''re being forced to strap the child into a seat for a 17 hour drive...because ya know what toddler''s really love? Car trips.

Any interest in rolling in January?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!



I am in!!!!

Already bought tickets! I must be in the front row!

Two questions:
1) are we still looking at level 10 as the starting point?

2) Meeting in front of Stormwind?

Metacognito hit level 10 yesterday. I picked up my Desperate Prayer and I''m ready to roll from Stormwind!

me too. I am going to make a quick run to the supermarket, but will be back by 1 pm pacific, which is the appointed time, if I remember correctly.