Try a New Alt Night!

I tried to think of a good subject for this post but simply couldn't. So here's my idea, what I propose is that we look at building characters that we'd never otherwise consider doing.
When I play RPG's, I primarily look at creating a high damage melee character. I almost never play a spell caster, let alone a defensive spell casting healer. So, I'd play a priest. What I also propose is that you try professions and skills you'd also never otherwise try. I love skinning and smithing, but the idea of tip-toeing through the tulips doesn't exactly appeal to me. I'd still try herbalism or perhaps something a bit more "arcane" like alchemy or enchanting.

What I'd like to do is form a regular group that would meet relatively early on, I'm thinking no later than level 10 (if that's feasible) and would stick together through most of the quests. The exceptions would be the item gathering quests that just don't work well in group form.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I''m down with any of this kind of action, but it''s going to be hard to coordinate, especially for me as I work evenings. Doing quests with other GWJ''ers is the most fun that can be had in WoW. It''s too bad I miss many of them, due to schedule conflicts or I''m not the right level or eligible for whichever quest is being run. They''re fun when I get a chance to participate, though.

How does a Sunday afternoon sound?

So reap, you going to wear pink and carry a catfish?

I love this idea. Sunday afternoon would be great. [Weeknights are bad for me because of my location (California) and late release from work. On Tuesday, I was late to the party and had to venture off by myself -- not that such an idea is a bad thing, its just that I was looking forward to a group.] If possible, I''d like to get a teamspeak-enabled group together, but that isn''t a requirement.

Reaper, it sounds like you are talking an Alliance-group? Do you want to pick a server? Sign me up!

Yeah, Sunday afternoons would work for me.

I''d prefer to stick with Blackhand just because of the sheer number of people we''ve had. I''ve had zero problems with it and haven''t waited in line yet.

So reap, you going to wear pink and carry a catfish?

I''m not anti-pink. Nor am I anti-catfish. I am, however, anti-eggshell white and anti-pike. Tricksy-fish they be.

Sounds good. Blackhand it is.

So, what time? If we''re being PST friendly, I suggest 2PM PST (5PM CST).

Works for me. Should we try to balance the group? I''d like to try something other than a hunter, rogue or Shaman (Horde) and am open to suggestions that will best fit our group.

Hm, 5 pm CST is really evening for me and that''s pretty close to the time I eat dinner with the wife. See, this gets really difficult to schedule!

This sounds good to me too, but my main and only character seem''s to be the ''woosy'' kind you like (I guess I should take this as a backhanded compliment). I''m a Orc Shaman. Flower gathering and alchemy is my thang. I would never have had this kind of character ''cept everyone was saying ''Horde, horde, ya gotta be Horde on Blackhand''. Fine, done

(as an aside, what I really look forward to doing is being a dwarf so I can experience those great snowy mountain environs, which I love to experience)

Edit: Actually I may too new for your romp. And come to think about it, this is my ''main'', not ''alt''. Oh well.

So... how about 3:00PM CST (12:00PM PST)?

"Donan" wrote:

but my main and only character seem''s to be the ''woosy'' kind you like

Well, then you''d be our melee character. That''s the whole point. Perhaps a nice dwarven paladin, warrior, hunter, or rogue?

Actually I may too new for your romp.

Too new? This is my first MMO and I''ve only logged about twenty-four hours in. My idea here is to provide a new experience for people.

Reaper your committing me to a terrible death (main melee dude...I was thinking ''flower orc'' with an occasional ''...heal ''em greenie, quick!...'' kind of deal (that is of course when I wasn''t ''zoning'' from smelling all the plants and such, with a dash of alchemy ''spirit''s

I could do 3pm CST, pretty regularly (maybe missing a few sundays.) I guess I would choose a mage, shaman or a druid, as I have yet to play one.

Should we get these new alt chars to level 10 first? You thinking Horde, or Alliance? Nice thing about Alliance is there are like 40 guild people on in the evenings.


I think 2pm PST works out to 4pm CST, so maybe that''s better for you prop? Unless you''re in some weird state like Indiana.

Ah, you''re right. I didn''t even notice. Best time for me would be a start time around 2 - 3 CST, which would be 12-1 PST. How does 1 PST/3 CST sound? I could do 2 PST/4 CST, though. It''s a little more ""afternoon"" than 5 CST.

We''ll do a 3 CST. That way Propa can go do his stupid ""work"" and ""eat his dinner"".


Seriously, though... does this time work?
I figure we can meet at around level ten (8-10) at one of the main capitol cities. I prefer Alliance just because our Guild is so big.

So, out the people that have contributed to the thread this is what I have in mind:

1 - Warrior/Rogue (2 if Leaping cares to play. You know, instead of making me seem like some fish carrying, pink tutu wearing timezone confused wierdo. )
1 - Priest
1 - Druid/Pally
1 - Mage/Warlock

And finally, do we want to start this Sunday?

I''ll probably skip this for now Reap, but thanks for considering. I haven''t gotten the attraction yet of playing more than one character, I''m still happy just playing my tailoring mage.

HOWEVER, post your guys new alts'' names here and I can send everyone 8 slot bags.

"Leap" wrote:

HOWEVER, post your guys new alts'' names here and I can send everyone 8 slot bags.

Throw in shirt and you''ve got yourself a deal!

Shanker, since this is opposite day, I''ve got a white shirt for you no problem.


I am in. 12 pm or 1 pm Pacific, no matter. I am in. I am happy to take any role except a Rogue -- I already have one of those. I guess if I had to choose, I prefer a Paladin or a Mage. But Warrior sounds interesting too....

In any case, we should probably select our characters within the next 24 hours or so to give everybody some time to reach the 8-10th level by Sunday (I assume we are starting on Sunday.

I''d love to, and maybe I can get an alt up to catch you guys later...but it''s a no go for me in December...things are getting so frantic that I may not even have time to play my main very often.

Sounds good to me. I''ll take either a druid, pally, or mage.

How about:

Propa - Druid
Edgar Newt - Mage
Donan - Pally
Reaper - Priest

This should all give us a chance to try a character type we''ve never done before. I also think this should give us a good balance between melee and spellcasting/pet summoning/healing. Donan, if you don''t want to be a Pally just post the class you want and I''ll adjust off of the one you do want.

Any other thoughts?

I''ll take Mage or switch with Donan, if he would prefer Mage. Otherwise, I think it is ready to go.

It looks like I''m getting the lock down this Sunday. My wife has decided that''s the day we have to start painting the kitchen. I guess I better comply before I have to contribute to the ""Are you getting in trouble with the wife for playing WoW"" thread.

I would love to play an alternate - I am enjoying the game, but I find I am continously changing characters and servers to play with different people... How many characters can you have at lvl 15-21 you say? Well at least 5 :)... I seem to get bored with a class as soon as I reach around 18 - well except for the Paladin - so far so good there.

Well Edgarnewt (Gnomish-Mage) is up and running on Blackhand. He is slowly but surely making the climb up to 8-10 where he will stay pending our first outing together -- whenever that occurs.

I am going to create some Alts for my son and I. I will post later what they are as they will likely be played only every couple of weeks...