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OK, sounds like we have quite a few interested in doing a Deadmines run and a Stockade run. Added Gnomeregan below for you higher guys.

The Deadmines has two quests
[list][*]Underground Assualt - starts in Ironforge in Tinkertown if I remember right.[*]The Defias Brotherhood (Van Cleef's head) - The Defias quest line is a little long, has 5-6 quests. It starts in Westfall at Sentinel Hill with Gryan Stoutmantle.[/list:u:b90567bc13]For Deadmines we should all be levels 20-25, I've done it twice now and think we can get in and out in under 2 hours pretty easy.
The Stockade has a bunch of quests
[list][*]Here is a link to thottbot for the quests, I would recommend getting as many of them as you can.[/list:u:b90567bc13]For Stockades I think we should be 25-30, but if anyone who has done this before can comment that would be great. I won't be doing The Stockade until at least this weekend.
Gnomeregan has a bunch too
[list][*]See thottbot for a list.[/list:u:b90567bc13]These are 30+ quests, much too high for me right now. I will probably hit next weekend hopefully.

I'd like to get some well rounded groups with a least one healer, I know a bunch of us need these so shouldn't be a problem. If you're interested please post your character name, level, class and when you're interested in hitting these.
I will update this post as people say they're interested.

For me Deadmines probably any night this week, Stockade sometime over the weekend.

Do not worry if we have more than 5 here, we can have two or even three groups if needed. Just throw your name in if you're intersted.

The Deadmines looking for group
Propagandalf - ??
Malvado - (VicD) - Hunter - 20
Vorcha - (L&L) - Hunter - 27
Redfang - (fang) - Druid - 21

The Stockade looking for group
Leaping - (LG) - Mage - 27 - need 2nd run
Ruskin - (Eezy) - Warrior - 30 - need 2nd run
McFinn - (Grinfin) - Paladin - 27
Fiddler - (Fiddler) - Paladin - 31
Vorcha - (L&L) - Hunter - 27
Cope - (Cope) - Hunter - 28
Jadawin - (Jadawin) - Paladin - 26
Slyvanian - (Slyfrog) - Priest - 22 (when he gets 25)

Gnomeregan looking for group
Vorcha - (L&L) - Hunter - 27
Cope - (Cope) - Hunter - 28
Leaping - (LG) - Mage - 27


The Deadmines - DONE - Wednesday 12/8
Leaping - (LG) - Mage - 27
Slyvanian - (SlyFrog) - Preist - 21
Jadawin - (Jadawin) - Paladin - 25
Tycho - (JimmDogg) - Priest - 23
Curb - (Flux) - Rogue - 25

The Stockade - DONE - Thursday 12/9
Leaping - (LG) - Mage - 27
Ruskin - (Eezy) - Warrior - 30
Tycho - (JimmDogg) - Priest - 24
Curb - (Flux) - Rogue - 26
Redfang - (Fang) - Druid - 22?

Gnomeregan - DONE - Wednesday 12/8
Fiddler - (Fiddler) - Paladin - 31
Lafrete - (Gaald) - Druid - 30+?
Organica - (Optimistic) - Druid - 30+?
McFinn - (Grinfin) - Paladin - 27

I have all of the stockade ones except for The Fury Runs Deep so I''ll work on getting that one up to the stockade mission point tonight to be ready for the weekend. Heh, I thought Tar was in RR not in the Stockades, that''s good to know.

Also to hijack for just a minute I was able to share it with Cope but not anyone else. Morganth is in the keep where we were last night, has anyone else gotten the quest for him. You get the quest by finding a ''glowing'' shadowhide pendant and then you have to go talk to the guy in Azaroths Tower (probably getting those quests if you didn''t pick them up at 20) and he tells you to kill the head Shadowhide Gnoll in the keep.

Back on the subject of instances, I''d be happy to help out with the deadmines if you need a tank let me know.

Ruskin - Human Warrior - Lvl 25

Sorry didn''t see the char info part.

I''d be happy to do Deadmines sometime this week if it is 2-3 hours.

Slyvanian - Level 20 (21 quite soon) - Dwarf Priest.

I have a bunch of Stockade quests. Need the Fuy one too.

McFinn - Paladin - 27

Hey thanks Leaping, I will try and do the quests leading up to deadmines so I can join a group. Hopefully there''ll still be some people doing it by that time.

I also need to do the Blackfathom Deeps quests, which I hope leads to an instance dungeon. Anyone want to schedule some Blackfathom Deeps groups? It''s in Ashenvale, on the West continent.

Just a quick note on the Stockades. It is not nearly as long as the deadmines. I would guess an hour, maybe more if you have problems. I would also heartily recommend minimum lvl 25. I still have one of the stockade missions to complete so I would be up for it this weekend.

Also, I still have a number of elite Redridge quests to complete including Yowler, Lt. Fanghorn, and Morganth. Anybody else need these?

I''ve finished all of the Defias Brotherhood quests and would be interested in doing Van Cleef''s head sometime this week.

Malvado - Hunter - Level 20

Leaping, isnt the Underground Assault Quest in Gnomeregan?

A Gnome in the Dwarven Quarter of SW gave me a quest with that same name and I''m pretty sure the description says to go to Gnomeregan. My apologies if I am getting this confused with something else.


"Copingsaw" wrote:

I still have a number of elite Redridge quests to complete including Yowler, Lt. Fanghorn, and Morganth. Anybody else need these?

I need to do those three as well.

I have the Morganth quest as well. Also tons of quests in Blackfathom Deeps. Being lvl 27 I sort of missed out on the Deadmines instance but would be up for anything else just send me a /tell.

I''ve done all the elites in RR, but don''t have the Morganth, if someone can share I''ll be happy to join.

VicD, I know it says Gnomereegan, threw me off at first too, but it''s in Deadmines.

Good to hear that The Stockade is short.

I don''t have any Blackfathom Deep quests, where do you get them?

Lock&Load - You can probably still get XP from Van Cleef''s head, but might not be worth it for you.

Updating the top post now. Guys that are interested, please remember to post your character info.

Fiddler, I took the liberty of adding you because I know last night you said you needed Stockades and was up for a group.

My lv 27 character name is Vorcha, and I''d be up for Deadmines, Gnomerean, Morganth, the Elites in Redridge, Blackfathom Deeps and... heck, anything really. I just want to see the world, travel to strange lands and kill evil creatures.

Most of my Blackfathom quests came from the Argent Dawn warriors in the Trading Post area of Darnascuss.

Ooh, oooh, you reminded me L&L, I have Gnomereegan quests too, but they are lvl 30 elites! Probably hit that instance end of next week sometime, I will post another thread next week to organize that one.

Lock, did you already do Stockades?

Lock, did you already do Stockades?

Nope. I haven''t done an instance yet.

Alright, I put you down for both. Stockades is more your level, but if you feel like doing all the Defias quests to get Van Cleef, we can certainly use you in Deadmines too.

Yeah, thanks Leaping =)

I think a few of us are doing Gnomeregan this week (under the impression of Lafrete/Gaald). I know McFinn and I are headed to Blackfathom this week (probably tonight though) but I don''t think we''re going in that deep.

Also, I''m looking for company for the elites in Wetlands... not sure if it''s an instance or not.

Fiddler, a pally

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

I''ve done all the elites in RR, but don''t have the Morganth, if someone can share I''ll be happy to join.

I tried sharing it with the group last night a couple of times Cope was the only one that was eligible and accepted. I don''t know if this is because he also did the earlier Azoroth''s Tower missions where you have to lay a ''lens'' outside the keep and then in the tower next to the keep or just because he had found the glowing pendant and hadn''t clicked on it yet.

I can''t believe that you left me out!

I still need VC.

Tycho lvl 22 priest.

I was just waiting for you to come in Tycho.


And hopefully I will be high enough to do stockade too!

Redfang 21 druid

Ive done yowler but ill help.

I need fangore and Morganth

The Glowing Pendant/Morganth quest item actually soulbinds to the person that loots it. If you don''t have the pendant then killing some gnolls in Redridge drop it.

Leap, please add me to stockade, I still have one of the quests I need to complete. Cope, lvl 28 hunter.

Fiddler, I still have the wetlands elites to complete too.

I''ve got access to a ton of Gnomeragang (sp?) quests. I think they start out around lvl 27 or so and most are elites. Perhaps we could make this another Sunday evening event?

Stockade is MUCH smaller than the deadmines but can get pretty tough if you don''t control adds. Make sure that one person pulls into the middle of the hall or you will be up to your neck in agro ads.

Also Lafrete and I have planned on doing Gnomeragan probably here in a couple of days. If you are 28+ we will probably be getting in touch with you in a few days.

Alright guys, list is updated and I added Gnomeregan, just because I won''t be hitting it this round doesn''t mean you can''t use this thread.

I just talked to Optimistic and we will probably be doing Gnomeragon Wednesday. I don''t know if that is going to be a problem with the Wednesday night guild night for any of the people who are eligible.

Sounds good Gaald... maybe I''ll even pick up a mic for TS... maybe.

Hopefully Cosmos will be working by then otherwise I''ll be a broken man...

OK, everyone is on the lists. I''ve marked Gnomeregan for Wednesday, for the guys on Deadmines, what do you think about hitting that tonight? I think if we don''t waste time we can get through in 90 minutes. Does 8:30 - 9:00pm EST work?

Since everyone is saying The Stockade is not that long, what do you guys think about trying to knock that out tomorrow or Friday?

Since everyone is saying The Stockade is not that long, what do you guys think about trying to knock that out tomorrow or Friday?

I''ve got to spend some time with the wife tonight or I''m looking at a divorce. As far as Stockades, I can do it maybe Sunday night but I can''t commit to anything sooner. Friday''s Poker night for me and Thursday has the Survivor/Apprentice/Joint Ops triumverate to deal with. Too much to do, too little time to do it.

I signed up for playing my Horde character tonight, but it looks like the Wednesday night meet up might not happen tonight. Regardless, I haven''t had a chance to start the dead mines quests so you can count me out. Any idea when another run might be so maybe I can be prepared?

I''d like to give Deadmines a shot tonight.

I''d also be up for the Stockades on Friday but that is dependent upon whether or not someone below lvl 25 should even bother going in there. I really doubt I will hit 25 by Friday.

Propa, I''m sure there will be another deadmines run, we''ve got seven people on this list alone and I know a lot of 15+ers are coming up. I would suspect there will be another by the end of the week.

I am in for the deadmines 8:30 to 9:00. With some good folks we should be able to blow through it quick.