Favorite WoW Quests (longish)

Sunday night works perfect for me on deadmines. I will be there.

What level do I need to be to participate (level 7 priest, now)....

cewar, there is max 5 to a group in WoW, sorry. We can always use a priest!

I would be around level 20 for deadmines.

I''d be interested, but I don''t have any quests from that area yet. Can it be shared?

No prob.

"Propagandalf" wrote:

I''d be interested, but I don''t have any quests from that area yet. Can it be shared?

It''s a 4 or 5 parter storyline quest with this being the last one, I don''t think you''d be elgible until you did the previous quests.

Oh I forgot, Tauren Shaman and Druids (so far) get mystical ""drink this potion to have a vision"" quests that are really neat!

I like the Undead Alchemy quests where you have to deliver the poisoned pumpkin to the Alliance Captive and he turns into a zombie and then croaks and then there is a similar one where the guy just kicks off after you give him the poison :).

The Undead Mage ghostbuster quest was hilarious.

Basically you are given this spell that reveals these rift beings (ghosts essentially) which you beat into submission with your spells. When they get to 1 health you use this trap on them, it sucks them in (effect right out of ghostbusters) and once they are sucked in it rattles, smokes, then the light turns green, once again right out of ghostbusters.

Was cool for a laugh.

That one was a hoot as well...

My favorite quest is definitely (after last night) the entire defias brotherhood quest(s).

THANK YOU! to whomever posted the Dwarven Cannonneer re-supply quest; that was laugh-out-loud funny!

My partner kept giving me surly looks as I watched ""target practice"" and listened to the dialogue, laughing out loud...""This is MAH BOOMSTICK!""

HAve you guys been reading the various books in the Royal Library (Stormwind) and the Dwarven Hall of Explorers?