Favorite WoW Quests (longish)

Id have to say the top of my list has to be Crown of Earth and the Fishing Quest in Auberdine.

Crown of Earth has you running all over Teldrassil filling vials in moon pools and returning to a Druid in Dolanaar. Its a four stage quest thats results in a quest to kill the boss Ursal the Mauler, I believe. Its really good xp for the level. It uncovers alot of the 6-10 map area for you. It also has a bit of stealthy gameplay as you can try to avoid higher monsters surrounding the pools near Darnassus and the Oracle Glade.

The Fishing quest in Auberdine is another unusual and non violent quest that gets people started into fishing. All you have to do is catch 6 dark shore groupers and youll prolly be around 15 in fishing, get a nice magical fishing pole and some good experience and a few silver. (edit: read anti grind quest)

I also like the Goldshire quests where you have to find Bernice's locket by killing boars to make a meat pie for Billy, the guy who stole it.

Another great quest in Goldshire is the quest to reunite the lovers of the opposing farms by making the invisibility potion. I could have sworn the potion would turn out to be poison but I guess they wanted to keep the Teen rating...

Molly's collecting grapes in the vineyard quest is neat. ANother one along those lines is the Undead area's collecting pumpkins. The latter is especially evil since the quest giver spices up the pumpkin to turn a captive into and undead minion!

OMG, how could I forget the Buzzbox series and the capture the rabid thistle bear quest in darkshore. Those are terrific!

I like how when you find a beached sea creature and then examine it, it then begins a quest, which is to bring the bones or something about the scene back to the lady in Auberdine. There''s some trees in Teldrassil that will start a quest, as well. It''s nice to get quests off of something other than an NPC marked with an exclamation point.

The multi-part quests are nice, as well, and challenging. The one where you have to first fill a vessel at the moonwell, then get grains and other things from a camp, make something and then finally use it at the big fire is an example. I haven''t finished that one yet, but I think it''s the one where that NPC is always yelling in the zone about cleansing his camp. The yelling gets kinda annoying though.

There''s a warrior quest in SW where you have to beat up the ''pub drunk'' and steal his mug.

There''s also a warrior quest in Lakeshire where you have to run a guantlet in a certain amount of time.

Where and from whom do you get said quest? - I would like a magic pole.

"spitoon" wrote:

Where and from whom do you get said quest? - I would like a magic pole.

In Auberdine, which is in Darkshore. There''s a Dwarf (looks Dwarvish anyways) on the beach near the docks and where you ride the griffins. The pole gives you like +3 to fishing I think.

How bout trying to help some gnomes cure the leper gnomes and thus allowing them to restore gnomeragan?

Another favorite is the show the dwarven artillery team puts on after you deliver ammo to them.

Thanks I will look for him tonight

So far for me it''s been getting the head of VanCleef in the Deadmines. The quest line is called ""The Defias Brotherhood"" and is available in Westfall.
Truly a great instanced zone. Very well put together and aesthetic. The fist glimpse of the ship he''s on really impressed me. I''m surprised it can float with all those cannons.
Plus the rewards are very nice. It takes a whole party of level 20s to kill him, but I''d recommend this quest to any and all.

I REALLY liked the Goldshire quests already mentioned. They were the ones that stood out as just very Blizzard. There''s another quest in the lake village east of Stormwind to kill another pig pet... they just make me giggle.

""Hey, you look strong... well, this guy''s pet is eating my crops... can you kill it?""

See watch.


I still need van cleef and deadmines. Maybe this weekend we can get a party together.

I really enjoyed the dwarf ''save the damn'' quest series. Lots of running around with messages that didn''t feel like running around. I''ve also enjoyed the archeology quest series that started in Auberdien and ended in Menethil with a cool warning from the past that I won''t say anything more about.

I am beginning to see hints and info that tie a much bigger picture together. Each alliance race faces their own problems but I can''t help but wonder if there is a common thread. Once you hit lvl 20 you start to get some of these ''bigger picture'' quests.

Cope, I need to do deadmines again for another quest, I''ll be happy to group up this weekend. I think curb and ruskin might need it too?

I do need it. I have deadmines and the two the dwarf in SW (he''s in the bar/inn in the dwarf section) gave me for down in there. I''ll be able to do it tonight or Sunday. Saturday is already booked with real life plans, let me know when you''re available and we''ll try to coordinate it.
These are the two the dwarf gives you:
Collecting Memories
Oh Brother...

I am very ready for the final step to the Defias quest series (Deadmines). Jadawin and I both need to do it in fact.

We are both level 20 so I think we can help. I am going out of town tomorrow for one night and I know I could do it Sunday if possible if tonight didn''t work out. If you guys finish it while I am gone please do it again with me another time?

"Flux" wrote:

If you guys finish it while I am gone please do it again with me another time? :)

Not a problem man! I think Tycho/Jimmdogg is only a few quests away too, the messenger and traitor. He''s prolly 18 by now.

Finishing the quest will lead to something nice for myself:


It sounds like a lot of people are available on Sunday. Here''s five:

Cope (CopingSaw)
Curb (Flux)
Jadawin (Jadawin)
Ruskin (Eezy)
Leaping (LG)

Does Sunday NOT work for any of you? What time? When I did it two nights ago, took about 3 hours.

EDIT: Eezy, I have those two too, would be nice to group up and knock them out...

Sunday definitely works for me but the time will have to be late afternoon or evening. I hope that is ok.

Edit: I also have those other quests but after spending 2 hours in the Deadmines during beta I never got a single union card to drop. Was it bugged?

I don''t think they are in the instanced part?

No idea, i''ve never gotten that far. Maybe it''s in a different section?

These are the mobs that TB say drop it.

Yeah, those undead guys are definitely not in deadmines, maybe in one of the caves before the instance.

"LeapingGnome" wrote:

I don''t think they are in the instanced part?

Hmm, I had over 50 kills in the regular mines as well and still didn''t get any. Maybe it is only from certain miners in a certain part?

Edit: Well, no wonder because I never killed one of the undead ones and never saw them, haha!

You know what, there''s a barn on the edge of westfall in the SE that has undead defias near it. I got killed there in the first OB when I was trying to explore in the last hours of it.

They''ve already been mentioned.. but I definitely enjoy the quests that have some kind of ingame effect (even if temporary) much more than the others.

The ammo for the artillery guys was great (because it was extremely simple) and the payoff was pretty humurous. I actually stood and watched the whole thing and a few other people traveling on the road stopped to watch to. The best was when the arty guys almost blow up the dwarf making the targets and he runs over and moons the guys.

The crazy gnome guys who created the leper gnomes and are now trying to cure them. After you complete it you get to sit back and watch their attempt at a cure.. again, pretty humourous. Apparently there''s another quest involving those guys but I haven''t gotten it yet. I saw someone come in to complete their quest and it turned the guy on the left into a giant ape temporarily.

Another one is in Auberdine where you have to kill some girl that''s possessed and bring her locket back to the boyfriend. When you do that.. her ghost appears and the 2 of them have a couple minute conversation.

I kinda wish they could turn off some NPC''s to the players after a quest completion. Like one mentioned above is the 2 lovers in the human area where their father''s hate each other or something. It''s a multi-part quest where you eventually give the girl a potion of invisibility so she can sneak out and run off with the boy. Well.. they should disappear then. And maybe even turn up elsewhere in another city or village somewhere with possibly another quest (but they''d only be visible to people who completed the initial quest) maybe to deliver a message back to their father saying they''re okay and not to worry. I think having the illusion that you''re actually altering the world, even though only you can see the effect, would be pretty neat in a MMORPG.

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Did anybody catch the AC/DC reference with the mortar dwarves? One of them is named Angus and they have a line where Angus says ""I''m TNT"" and the other one says ""I''m dynamite!"" Loved that quest.

But that brings up a different issue I wanted to point out. Did any of you ever stick around to catch such ""easter eggs""? Stormwind is full of such things. There''s a couple of friends that walk around talking about their adventures (I think they are a human and a dwarf). There are a couple of kids that run around like crazy (boy steals the girl''s dolly and she''s chasing him). There''s a kid that''s trying to find a new home for his kitten. And so on. Sometimes I just like to stand with some kids on a dock and fish. They''ll sometimes make funny comments.

I didn''t stay and watch the end of the delivery quest for the ammo reloading. I did notice they miss a lot.

I''ve seen two boys in stormwind who go fishing. One starts talking about fish as big as men that live in the sea and walk on land and kill you. The other says things like ""Uh-uh!""

They do bring the towns to life.

I agree that the immersion IS quite cool. It also makes me wonder how things would be different if, at the very least, there was a speech bubble over their heads, or, ideally, speech (at least the FIRST time you witness it). I have a hard time noticing an NPC talking sometimes. Plus, I''ve always love the Bliz voice acting, and what of it there is (/v silly and such) is quite good - makes you wonder why they didn''t work more on it.

"Warlock" wrote:

I agree that the immersion IS quite cool. It also makes me wonder how things would be different if, at the very least, there was a speech bubble over their heads, or, ideally, speech (at least the FIRST time you witness it). I have a hard time noticing an NPC talking sometimes. Plus, I''ve always love the Bliz voice acting, and what of it there is (/v silly and such) is quite good - makes you wonder why they didn''t work more on it.

Think Expansion Pack.

They didnt work more on it because you know how much work it took to make enough of it that you actually notice some of it? I guarantee you, alot!

Of course EQ2 is filled with it. Its not classic like the stuff in WoW but its okay.

So you have a choice: a world brimming with okay stuff, or a world with less but exceptional work. [dennis hopper] What do you do? [/dennis hopper]

I''m belatedly getting in on the thread derail for the Deadmines on Sunday; I *REALLY* want in on this. The problem is that my wife and I eat dinner at the in-laws every Sunday night from 6-7p EST. If we could start around 7:30, that would really work well for me. (assuming she hasn''t gone into labor before then, which I don''t expect)

So far, my favorites have been the first two shaman totem quests, even though I haven''t finished the fire one yet. It''s just such a neat feeling finding ""The Hidden Path"" that leads to the top secret shaman vision area or the hidden trail that leads to the guide.

Really well-done and in line with my expectations of things shamanistic.

I''m a west coaster so ill let u guys figure out the time and schedule with the wife to be there