GWJ Alliance Tabard Fund

We have a Tabard design thread so here is a special one to talk money. It's going to cost 10 gold to get a design done and after that you can buy a tabard for 1 gold to wear.

Donations so far:

Reskin - 25 sil
Tycho - 30 sil
Cope - 50 sil
Organica - 50 sil

Total: 1 gold, 85 silver

If you want to help out send some money by mail to "Coltaine" and I'll buy the Tabard once we have enough. I'm squirreling away some cash so once we're close I can make up the difference.

This is specifically for a tabard for GWJ Alliance on Blackhand, correct?

Correct. It will have to be done again for the Horde guild.

[edited-Certis beat me]

I''ll be dropping 50sil in the mailbox after work today.

Put me down for 50s Certis. If we get close and need some to push us over the edge, let me know and I''ll sell a few bags.

50s here as well, maybe more if I decide to skip some level 18 skills which isn''t a big deal.

Ah, didn''t see this thread and asked how close we were to 10g in the other thread.

Put me down for 50s, which I''ll be sending tonight.

I''d prefer not to be broke-ified. Is it cool if I only plunk down 15s? If not, I''ll have to aggro some small school children, loot them for lollipops, and then sell the lolli''s to vendor''s.

Reaper, do what you gotta do for the guild.

I''ll build a little up over tonight and make my donation. Should I just send it via in-game mail?

Should I just send it via in-game mail?

That''s the best way, yep.

So, how is our total now? We should be getting close to halfway there.

Once we have the tabard, where or how do we buy it to wear?

"Copingsaw" wrote:

Once we have the tabard, where or how do we buy it to wear?

Just ask a guard in some of the larger cites where the guild office is.

They usually call it the ""Visitors Center"" and it''s usually right by the front gates, at least in Ironforge and Stormwind.

This is all World of Warcraft related, isn''t it?

Sorry Duff, yes - ""GWJ Alliance"" is the name of our WoW alliance guild.

"Duffman" wrote:

This is all World of Warcraft related, isn''t it?

Umm, yeah.

Here''s the thottbot listing of the guild, if you''re not up there it just means you''re not running cosmos, not running cosmos with the updating enabled or haven''t been clicked on by someone with running cosmos with updating enabled. Also that would be why some of you are on the list but out of date, because someone did click on you at some point but not recently.

Oh and the horde guild is here.

Current total is 4 gold, 55 silver. I checked this morning since I''m leaving town and won''t be back until Sunday evening.

Certis, still owe you my cut, haven''t forgotten. Have a good trip!

I sent mine (50s) around 9am EST this morning so depending on when you checked it''s possible we''re up to 6 gold now.

That''s including yours Vega.

I might be able to kick in again before the weekend is out, but I have to buy my level 20 skills and I''d like to drop 40s on the Potion of Healing recipe. The good news is I found a potion (Elixir of Wisdom) that sells to a vendor for a silver so I should be able to crank out a bunch of those to make some jack.

I''ll be able to donate again by the end of the weekend. I just got my last lvl20 skill and am in a new area with mobs more towards my proffessions.

Just checked before I head out for the day, we''re up to roughly 6 gold now. Getting close!

I was going along fine last night to raise some funds. Grouped with GWJ folks in Westfall, killing all who came in our way, and then I got booted. Couldn''t log back in all night. Such is my luck...

sim, you were sadly missed. We hung out waiting for you for a while, then people had to start heading to bed. I kept the group open for a couple of hours in case you came back, so I could run out there and help you fight your way back. I hope you logged in to somewhere safe.

I sent in 1g 30s tonite, hopefully that should put us pretty close to 10 by now if everyone donated what they said they would.

We have the Alliance Tabard! No more donations necessary for that one

Word of warning to the guild dwarves.

Your beard will most likely cover up the emblem. If your beard is braided it probably wont be as bad.

It is done! Karla, Gaald (Lafrete) and I must have spent an hour in the Guild Master''s house arguing about which colors, icons and borders the tabard should have. In the end we decided that dark blue and red would be used as a background by 80% of the guilds out there. Same went for the beer mugs, as much as we liked them. Hope you guys like the end result.

Big surprise, the human decides to show off....