WoW Tabards!

LOL! I like Gaald''s! WoW, seems Canadian anyway. You don''t need an HMO to get healing, half the people talk with funny accents etc... Conform you Yanks, conform!

I''m glad you can start a guild and design a tabard later, unlike in Guild Wars. I was going nuts trying to find a decent design in a hurry in that game. keys or Canadian flag!

Certis, I dropped some money on Coltraine for the tabards.

"Eezy_Bordone" wrote:

Or we can try to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.


Something classy with navy and gold or navy and white would be preferable IMO.

I really like the navy background/gold border and symbol or the dark green background/gold border and symbol.

Did we decide the beermugs are the symbol? How much money have we collected? I have some to throw in too.

"Lock&Load" wrote:

Personally I think our tabard should look like that kick ass ""Artisan"" shirt design that we tried to get made. I can''t find the link to it but it had an anvil on the front and said ""My alt crafted this shirt"". I think it fits us nicely as we are slaving away at our job/forge/anvil everyday before we get to play WoW.

EDIT - Just curious but does anyone know if its possible to enchant or otherwise enhance the Tabards? If so then they might be a bit more useful instead of just for decoration.

LOL Though I don''t play WoW (Currently) I had the exact same thought...
There are several hammers, as well as the alchemal flasks, and what might be a anvil (or a weirdly shaped cup)..

Saw these guys last night and grabbed a screen for the purposes of this thread... IMAGE(

Is it bad I just tried to click and drag on that picture to adjust my in-game view?

I don''t think the white border/icon looks all that bad from Grumps pic.

I''m getting a bit stoked about this now.

Did anyone happen to find out if they can be enchanted? I should have 50s to donate later tonight once I check my auctions.

I''ll be on with my 50S(at least) later- I like the white border and the idea of a workman-like icon sounds good to me as well.

I have been neglecting my alliance char for my horde char, but haven''t forgotten about donating some silver (probably 50s) for the tabard. Are we getting remotely close to 10g?

Check out this thread for the money stuff on the tabards. In that thread we have 3.35g put up, with you three guys that''s almost 5g, halfway there.

Yep, thanks Leaping. Read this thread before making it down to that one.

So, let''s decide on an actual design then!

Hopefully we can narrow down to a few and do a vote!

I''d start it but I''m not sure if this is how we want to handle it.

Make a thread for people to make ONE submission for like 3 days to a week.

Then do a poll thread to vote or something.

"Eezy_Bordone" wrote:

I''d start it but I''m not sure if this is how we want to handle it.

Make a thread for people to make ONE submission for like 3 days to a week.

Then do a poll thread to vote or something.

I think that''s an excellent idea!

So I was half joking when I first showed you the design I liked but I actually tried the design function in game and you have to admit, it is dam sexy!



I have to say although it will likely never pass this is my vote for guild tabard.

edit: I was just thinking if we were to use the above tabard design for alliance maybe we could use this one for the horde?


Anyways thought you might enjoy the pics.

It is done! Karla, Gaald (Lafrete) and I must have spent an hour in the Guild Master''s house arguing about which colors, icons and borders the tabard should have. In the end we decided that dark blue and red would be used as a background by 80% of the guilds out there. Same went for the beer mugs, as much as we liked them. Hope you guys like the end result.

Big surprise, the human decides to show off....


Awesome, I love the color and the logo isn''t tacky! Good job.

Is that a lobster?

Wonderful job. Distinctive and artful without being garish. I like it.

[size=8]Please don''t hang me from the tree.[/size]

P.S. Honestly, it really is a great job.

Is that a lobster?

Actually, there IS a lobster icon. Couple that with a red background and suddenly we''re advertising for Red Lobster.

Well, Pirates and Trees are two of my favorite things, so if we couldn''t be pirates, at least we get to be foliage.

Unfortunately my beard covers up the emblem.


Just something for all you other Dwarves to beware of. Still a damn spiffy tabard when its visible though.

Actually, I wasn''t overwhelmed with the screenshots but then I saw it in game on Ruskin and I really, really like it. Great job, guys!

I really like it too, good job.

My dwarven beard doesn''t cover the logo because I didn''t go with the ZZ Top look.

Guess you just need to find a Razor of the Monkey vic.

My kingdom for a barbershop!