WoW Tabards!

Ok guys, a lot of us are 15+ now on the Alliance side, should we start thinking about getting a tabard? It's 10g to design and 1g for you to buy one, if we all chip in 25-50s we should be able to pool it together. Who's treasurer?

Also ign has a nice tabard designer we can design offline. I think everyone come up with an idea and post here and we can pick the best.

EDIT: Ooh, this is nice - you can see the various options in-game here:

I''ll be treasurer

I don''t understand the deal with Tabards. This is something you wear to signify more that you''re in a guild?

Guess I just don''t see the need for it. Unless they a) give you stats or b) look REALLY cool.

Anyone got any pictures of a tabard, in game?

Just posted the link Warlock.

This one almost matches our website colors.

Edit: Warlock, in PVE it''s less ""important"", but in PVP/RVR, it is _really_ nice to be able to pick out your guildmates in a sea of avatars without playing ""find the pixel"" or having to click a billion guys to find if any guildies are in trouble. For folks outside your immediate group, that is.
Thing is, the best ones for that are bright and recognizable.
Which means you are bright and recognizable to the enemy.

Still, it''s a nice thing to have, and in the long run, it makes it easier to spot guildies, especially in larger guilds where you might not all be on TeamSpeak, or might not even know everyone in the guild, or recognize all the character names of everyone''s alts.

I guess it''s the MMOG equivalent of a secret Handshake.

OK, I take it back... that DOES look pretty cool.

Don''t know if I can justify 1g, though... let along 50s for the initial production.

I think this one looks appropriately heroic:

Haha... Beer!

I like it. This is for GWJ Horde, right?

EDIT: Oh. Just read the post more clearly. Nevermind.

Don''t know if we have the stuff yet to do this in the Horde side.

Nice sway. Only thing is the white though, take a look at the in-game screenshots above, I think that white would overwhelm our characters. I like the gold and blue like in the screenshots, what do you guys think? Then we can pick a symbol.

Don''t know if I can justify 1g, though... let along 50s for the initial production.

Well, my level 12 spells cost 33 silver. If I''m throwing out a third of a gold piece now for 1 level of spells, I should think that 1 gold for a guild tabard will be chump change soon.

Another comparison is extra bag slots at the bank. The second one costs 1 gold. I already wish I could afford it.

I''ve seen a few good screenshots, it really looks cool when there''s a few of you in an area and you look like an army with your tabards.

As far as I know you get no armor value from it, it''s a just a robe that sits over your armor so you can match as a guild no matter what your armor is.

Guild Tabards are expensive, anyone who wants to pitch in can mail me (Coltaine) cash and I''ll write it down and keep track until we meet the 10 gold we need.

So far Reskin has kicked in 25 silver.

We''ve been found lacking.

I bet I''ve seen and enjoyed more non-rushtohighlevel stuff than half those guys. How often is there an MMOG with fishing that''s actually FUN? And how often do people stop and kill every single skinnable mob from the Crossroads to Orgrimmar just because they can?

Too bad it can''t/doesn''t list time played or we''d know who was really lacking.

I vote for an orange Lock (171) set on a white field with a ripped red border. This will remind us simultaneously that GWJ is the place we formed and that Certis can lock us at any time because he''s a big huge jerk.

Personally I think our tabard should look like that kick ass ""Artisan"" shirt design that we tried to get made. I can''t find the link to it but it had an anvil on the front and said ""My alt crafted this shirt"". I think it fits us nicely as we are slaving away at our job/forge/anvil everyday before we get to play WoW.

EDIT - Just curious but does anyone know if its possible to enchant or otherwise enhance the Tabards? If so then they might be a bit more useful instead of just for decoration.

Here are some I did up quick

We could assume we all have 5 toes.

You can never go wrong with the Bling Bling.

We could always represent the evil terrorist organization known only as COBRA.

Jesus may be metal, but Satan rules over all!

Or we can try to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

And to visualize Reapers choice:

The Skull/Dagger combo is pretty cool.

Of course you would say that.

As far as character rankings, we''re Gamers with JOBS.

I''ll kick in some silver for a tabard.

OK, here is the anvil and beer, and I like the third too.




I didn''t seriously think to find any GWJers in the top 25 (anyone know Tenchids server and char name? Just kidding Tenchid, we love you) but it''s interesting all the same that there are people sitting at 40.

I saw on the WoW threads last night that a NE had gotten his mount already.

That first one just looks weird to me. Anvil was definitely not my first guess. More like Robbie the Robot meets Bozo the Clown.

Edit: I definitely see the similarity, but I find this version slightly less... distracting: IMAGE(

Of course, with the imagery caused by the first one still in my head, it''s only slightly so.

I vote for the Beer Mugs. You can''t go wrong when you''ve got the comfort of Beer Mugs on your tabard.

They''ve got another anvil on the page too grump, just plainer. Check it out if you like it better. I like the beer mugs the best so far.

Yeah, beer mugs are my favorite too... I worry that they''ll be too common, actually.

Wouldn''t a red/white version of this one rock?
Ok, maybe not. We don''t want people asking us for Marijuana and Anal Massages... we don''t have enough gnomes.

Edit: It''s too bad this one doesn''t look better:
...because we all do it for the almighty dollar (or Euro as it may be).

In keeping with our key theme from Guild Wars and key donation icon...


Mostly for aesthetic reasons, I kinda like the lock better than the key.

Edit: How about this one?
Aren''t we all just cogs in the machine?

For some reason this design pulls at my heart strings


"Gaald" wrote:

For some reason this design pulls at my heart strings


The canukians have landed!