Guild Wars Beta Weekend- Dec 4-5....


Remember me? <flutters eyelashes> It's me, Guild Wars.....

<pouts> you loved me last month and told me how pretty I was....

but now....why aren't you returning my calls? I promise I'll be better...I can be *real good* to you, if you'd let me?

Just because there's a new game in town, doesn't mean you have to jilt me....

<SMACK> I want to see you, online this'd better be there....I know where you keep your pets...and I have a kettle of water waiting....

Yeah, I should probably take advantage of my pre-order, at least for a little bit.

All I think I''ll do, in all actuality, is give the Hunter a little bit more play (this is the class I, by far, liked the best in Beta) but since I don''t get to keep my character past beta, I doubt GW will keep my interest all weekend. Especially when shiny WoW is just a double-click away.

If I manage to score an invitation beta key (like the ones Gamespot handed out last time) I''ll definately be there.

Like Warlock, I doubt there''ll be many of us GWJ''ers around though...

I should be in for some GW action. I think attendance across the board is goint to be a LOT lower this weekend though. It''s not just GWJers who got WoW. The non-permanence of the character is a factor too. Why spend the weekend levelling a Char who''s going to be wiped when you can put time into WoW and have it ""matter"".

That being said, there''s more I want to do and see in Guild Wars and it''ll be interesting to compare to post-launch WoW.

Check your PM Xan, I hooked you up.

As long as it''s new content I''ll be checking it out. I was disappointed that last beta weekend was just a re-opening of previous content.

"Spleen" wrote:

Check your PM Xan, I hooked you up.

One PM sent back. Thanks, Spleen!

Even in my undecided (about a future purchase) state I still find myself drawn back to GW. The fact that I''m able to group with fellow GWJ''ers is also a huge lure for me :).

When will we find out if it is a new content weekend?

"Flux" wrote:

When will we find out if it is a new content weekend?

I thought it was guaranteed that each beta weekend will bring something new?

While the E3E content introduced last time around is hardly new, I''m sure NCSoft will argue that starting from level 1 was a ""new feature"".

NCSoft is great, but frankly I''m regretting my pre-orders on this. Blizzard''s really done a good job with WoW. I''ll have to see what NCSoft pulls out to compete with, or Guild Wars is gonna languish on the shelf. At least it has no monthly fee; might be good for the occasional semi-hemi-pseudo-Diablo hit...

This from the site:

Are my World Preview Event characters saved? Will there be a character wipe? UPDATED!

For the first two Beta Weekend Events, with start dates of November 6th and December 4th, your World Preview Event characters will be intact, with their names, levels, and items in place. At some point in the future there will be a character wipe, resetting each character to Level 1. At that time, providing you have been a Beta Weekend Event participant, your character names will be preserved for you into release of Guild Wars.

See, that''s why I''m hesitant to play for more than, say, an hour or so... my NAME can be the same, but my character won''t be. Oh well. Hopefully it''ll take them MANY more months to put this game out, so I can find sufficient time to get tired of WoW... but not TOO MUCH time that I''ve already moved on to part-WoW/part-EQ2.

I grabbed a preorder this week and hope to meet up with some friendly guys in the beta this weekend.

The current release date is Feb 2, so only 2 more months Warlock Oddly enough that''s how long it took me to get bored of every MMORPG I''ve tried.


make sure you join the Gamers With Jobs cuts down on some of the goofing. I hope to play on and off Saturday and Sunday....drat! Forgot my characters'' is an Illusionist, the other a Ranger.

Mixolyde, look for Dalric Spleengouger or Brother Spleen and I''ll put you in the Guild. Flux and Propa are Officers and can invite you too.

The Beta Event Weekend has opened early!

One strange thing so far is that I didn''t have to enter a new beta pass code. It seems the one I used in the November event is still active.

I''ll be on mostly during Saturday and Sunday, but I might pop in tonight if I have some free time...

"Lord_Xan" wrote:

The Beta Event Weekend has opened early!

Nooooooo! I''m at work til 530 and then I''ve got my gf''s hockey game at 8 and hanging out afterward. I might see a little time in there, but I probably won''t be on until tomorrow morning. I''ll look for you guys!

I''ll try to create chars as Aerol Flynn or Bravo Walker more than likely.

It looks like there might be more PVP content or at least some refinements to that system but PVE seems the same as last time. You can travel to Ascalon with your high level character now, but the missions still seem to be for level 1+ there. I suppose you could twink your lower level characters.

I don''t know if it''s reasonable to expect new missions each time, my feeling is the game world is smaller than a standard MMORPG and therefore they don''t want to preview the whole world before launch.

Man, I''m having a hard time getting used to the controls again. I''m so used to WoW''s setup now. Heh, when I first started playing WoW I was too used to the Guild Wars controls.

I feel bad that I have missed the last 2 events. Both times I was out of town and this time I wanted to play WoW instead when I got back Sunday. It is hard to tear myself away from it to play GW.

I had a really good time playing the game and met some people. I started 1 of the 20 level pre-mades for pvp and 3 of ''role-playing'' characters. Loved them all. That quest where you have to defend the Prince from the Charr in the academy is a #@!$! My only problem was finding gear, I never seemed to be able to find or trade for a weapon of my class. I spent almost all of my PvE time going solo with henchmen and rarely had problems, which is pretty nice.

I played a few missions, and had a good time... I just couldn''t get invested in the game, though.

I mean, it''s FUN, and if I get tired of WoW, I''ll probably play it, but it just seems so... empty now. Probably because the PvP is supposed to be the highlight, and all I did were a few co-op missions.

I share your sentiments about the weapons, Mix... that''s one thing I don''t understand, is the weapon/armor drop - having to do missions multiple times just to get crafting parts, so that I can get new armor? It just doesn''t make sense to me. And I can''t just BUY new armor with a crapload of money - it NEEDS to be accompanied by the crafting supplies. It just doesn''t make sense to me. I want to beat an uber-badguy, and I want him to drop new armor that I can wear.

Oh well. I had a good time creating a new character and playing some new missions. Maybe Guild Wars has a place in my catalog, maybe it doesn''t. I guess time will tell.

I found the weapon/armor system to be a bit annoying, but overall I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. I never really liked exploring in other MMO games, but I do here. Partially because the game is so pretty, partially because the death penalty isn''t so severe that you''re afraid to go far away from town, but mostly because of the instant travel if you get bored or lost or in too deep. I spent the highest percentage of my time actually playing the game than any other MMO, that''s for sure.

I pre-ordered and I didn''t even log into GW this weekend. I used to really pimp this game, but WoW has a real hold on me. If they''d introduced some new material I probably would of made a better effort.

I played a grand total of maybe 15-20 minutes. Sadly, for now at least, the thrill is gone. The choice of replaying through the same area with a non persistent character and exploring new territory with a persistent character turned out to be no choice at all. WoW may have literally killed this game.

I played a grand total of maybe 15-20 minutes. Sadly, for now at least, the thrill is gone. The choice of replaying through the same area with a non persistent character and exploring new territory with a persistent character turned out to be no choice at all. WoW may have literally killed this game.

Indeed. I just can''t think of a time when I''ll be at my computer, thinking to myself ""I''d like to play a game, but you know what? Not WoW tonight.""

Of course, who knows what February will bring. I''m sure I''ll still be playing WoW, but maybe I''ll have settled down to a more regular schedule, where I might be able to concentrate a day a week or so on GW.

It DOES look beautiful, even on my computer, so it''d be nice to fire it up once I''ve gotten a new computer, which should be around then. I guess time will tell.

Yeah, I''m really hooked on WoW. I haven''t been this hooked on a MMORPG since UO.

We''ll have to see when February comes around how interested I''ll be in GW again. Not having a monthly fee will certainly help its cause.

"Propagandalf" wrote:

Not having a monthly fee will certainly help its cause. ;)

Indeed! and since GW has a handy minimize button, you can play it while you''re waiting to have fun on your other MMO game

Also, whenever I see Propagandalf''s name I keep thinking of this SA image:

On a sidenote, do you think we could get another forum just for WoW threads? For the 5 or so registered people who don''t play