Help me class my Troll (ATTN: \"GWJ Horde\")

Well both my DH and my TD are level 13 right now and I want to play some more tonight. Since I don't want to get them even farther from the lvl 10 requirement for the official nights, I think I'm going to roll another character and power him up tonight.

Since both official nights are for horde characters, it makes sense that this new guy be Horde as well (giving me two Horde characters to one Alliance). Since I already have a TD and I don't care for the Undead, that narrowed my choices to Orc or Troll. Since I already have a Hunter and the Warlock is just a bit dark for me, having the Orc racial benefit of "Command" (Pet melee damage increased by 5%.) would be wasted.

That leaves me with the Trolls.

So which of the following classes would be most beneficial to the GWJ Horde? Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, or Warrior (no Hunter since I already have one and I like variety)? I have a couple preferences in mind but I'd like to give the community a chance to provide input.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. Despite the title, input from non-guild-members is also very welcome.

Mage... <drool>... Damage output...

35 views, 5 votes. Ah well, Shaman it is.

Really, anyone will work out good.

Play what you want to play.

Though Id say a mage since you already have a druid and a hunter.

I voted priest because I''m a shaman and don''t want anyone else being uber.