Look, it's not another f-cking WOW thread! ;)

I love Jumpgate, and now Aces High. That is all, as I couldn't give two horse sh*ts about WoW. There are other MMORPG's out there, you farging lemmings!

Thank you for your time.

How are you liking AH 2.0(or whatever version it is now)? I played a bit of 1.4, good stuff.

Is Aces High the new high level instance dungeon for mages? I heard about that place, nasty dragon spawns.

And I can''t wait for my warlock to be high enough level to cast jumpgate, I hate having to wait for my party members to cross 3 different zones. It will be sooo nice when I can jump them in.

@Garrad: you''re sad. You make baby jeebus cry.

PS: You gonna be on tonight?

Well, it''s mostly not a WoW thread anyway (thanks Garrad!). It''s almost the only one . . .

Tell me more of this ""Aces High"", as I''ve never heard of it.

"Paladin" wrote:

Tell me more of this ""Aces High"", as I''ve never heard of it.

Aces High is a MMO WWII flight sim. I''ve been playing for a few days in the training arena and am having a BLAST. A fellow Jumpgate pilot whom I highly respect has been trying to get me to play it for months, and I finally caved in. It''s a ton of fun. I can''t wait to tangle with the usually hundreds of other pilots in the main arena.

Just subscribed again earlier today. I''m only going to be able to play online games for a month, and it''s cheaper than buying WoW, so I said ""what the hay"". I still suck, as I remember from my 2 week trial I used up a few years ago, but I had fun and I was even able to shoot down a Typhoon with my B24 formation. My first kill

Any flying, combat sim enthusiasts, I would recommend this to. At least give it a try. 2 weeks are free, and you don''t even have to put in your credit card.