EQ2 Oasis Guild Update

For those still on the fence out there we have a small guild going on Oasis for any that are interested in joining up with us.


For those that have jumped ship to WoW though could you let me know? I need a realistic picture of how many people we have left in the guild and will want to clean up our roster some.

Don''t worry. EQ is a mainline drug, they may ""experiment"" with other drugs but they always come back to the fix that got them started!

Maladan--not sure how the guild is working out for you, but try not to get to many patrons unless they are actively doing writs during the week.

Our guild started out with alot of patrons and the degrade after lvl 5 was tough to deal with because not everybody was doing there part.

We cut it down to around 18 and it is working much better! (started out with 36)

The guild is doing OK but we are a bit small on actual players but we are adding people as we find good fits.

I think we are at 22 members now but a few of them are alts and some I think are moving to WoW.

As it is we have about 6 patrons with a goal that you do one writ each time you play. We have not even made level 2 yet.

Too bad we are not on the same server karma would have been nice to hook up with you and some of the other players like svald but with the launch day madness my group of friends moved us to Oasis.

Thanks for the tips though is always good to get information like this.

What the heck is a writ?

I really wished we would have stayed with Mistmoore for our server. I have a 22 Druid on there and I really don''t want to have to change servers and start over. This is one of the main reasons I jumped ship to Warcraft so I could group up with everyone.

A writ is a basically a quest but instead of getting xp and or loot for a reward you get status points.

Optimistic, are there not any GWJ on Mistmoore still? Only a few came over to Oasis but it looked to me that from the start we all got splintered becasue Mistmoore just happened to be one of the most crowded of the servers at launch.

Mistmoore also splintered due to the server split. I know my friends and I went ahead and did the /movelog add to get moved to the new Neriak server. So our characters got spirited away to a new land, and it was MUCH better. It''s getting crowded again now, but still nothing like Mistmoore was during that first week or so.

I have been playing more WoW then EQ2 since release for a number of reasons... First - odd work hours - easier to solo in WoW... Second, I couldnt keep up with the Guild... I think we actually got to group once in similar levels and then everyone else rocketed past... no fun there really - purpose of the Guild was to be able to group etc (mutual support)... but it seemed to me that after the first few days I was way behind and finding it hard to level without grinding and it was losing its appeal... I am sure I will be back, but right now WoW is holding my attention more...

Yeah WoW is easier to solo without a doubt.

Just so you know we are not that far past you and that is only myself and Dahc that are. The rest of the guild is between levels 10 and 20 for most part which you are right in the middle of so if you are looking for people in your level range the majority of the guild is right there.

In fact Dahc and I are the highest and we are only 2 levels outside your grouping range which considering you not played in over a week is not far at all.

Can understand though liking WoW better currently as it is a good game and had ther been no EQ2 I am certain I would be right there with you playing.

Enjoy your vacation and we can not wait till you come home.

Funny enough my son is playing so I may get his mother to make him a character on Oasis so he can play with me - it will be a bit slow since he is 6, but apparently he has mastered EQ2 which boggles me since I havent mastered it hehehe... He has called me two nights in a row giving me the run down which would be wonderful if I hadnt been asleep getting ready to stand the mid watch heheheh... I am sure I will be back - at least a couple nights a week - especially next week when I am off...