No Comic Here (Maybe NSFW Talk)


Okay, here's the deal. I get back and check VGCats and I see this on the front page wrote:

I am aware there's a VG Cats porn comic that's circulating. You don't need to send it to me many, many times. No, I didn't make it. Yes, it is quite funny. Don't know who did make it though but, they did a very good job emulating the style. To which I appalled 'em. And lastly no I won't send it to you :p

Their forums of course have been scoured, and now I'm left in a bit of a bind. You see, now that I know of it's existence I have to see it, simply for completeness sake. It will in no way live up to any of the hype it's built up inside my head, but I have to see it anyway. I am compelled. Yes it is wrong, in so many ways. It's not a latent furry gene eeking it's way out, it's just that the man said it was funny and now I have to see for myself. Honestly. Really. So does anyone have a link before I go crazy?

*edit* crazier.

Can''t you fap to normal porn, like other people?

You furries...

/me wonders what the heck VG Cats is and checks it out.

/me considers the idea of a VG Cats porn comic.

/me decides to never speak to Pyroman again. Ever.

Damn. Way to lay it all out on the line there, Pyro.

Uhhhhh, it would help if there was anything reasonably NSFW for the thread to be designated at least ""Hopefully NSFW.""

I think Pyro wasn''t wearing pants when he wrote that. Anyone that has been playing Halo2 with him knows that he despises pants.

No Comic Here
*edit*Pyroman[FO]: Sorry Edwin, it had to be done for the good of humanity.


I thought Edwin was the one that despises pants?

I''m so confused.

I thought Edwin was the one that despises pants?

Possibly. I truly do not want to know though.

Did you doubt that the actual provider of said pronographic material wouldn''t be Edwin? I''m just plain stunned it took so long.

I was busy playing Evil Genius :PKeep in mind this is from Sunday till today. Also I obtained this image from a chick I know in a irc channel.

Sandi or Melissa?


83 Hours in RoN?!?

Close. Some where due to a bug.

I don''t know which is better, the fact that I finally found the picture or the fact that it''s inline so everyone has to see it.

You can always count on Edwin for anything that is inherently wrong, thank you Edwin.

Pleasure to be a service. Funny thing was I had to dig through more than 20 pages of furries to find that after she sent me everything she had.

Wow. You are truly dedicated to the perverted arts, I salute you!

What''s next.. Gabe and Tycho making sweet, sweet love?

It''s been done.

Post plz, if you''re not joking.

Post plz, if you''re not joking.

No! Just plain No!

"Vector" wrote:
Post plz, if you''re not joking.

No! Just plain No!

But dont'' you want to find out what happens when two men love each other very, very much?

But dont'' you want to find out what happens when two men love each other very, very much?

No. Not at all. I just found out that Samurai are gay today, I don''t want anymore of my heroes being destroyed by finding out that they are gay

For the love of God, stop this thread. Make the pain stop mommy.

Samurai are teh gay as well? Nooooooooo!!

And guess what, Master Chief is gay. Roman history says that the Spartans were a pair of warriors that practiced all sorts of gay ways.

I have a lot of good friends who are gay. So far, I haven''t found anyone who is into comic strip kittie porn except you guys.

In the grand balance of things...not really finding anything wrong with my gay friends...

and now back to kittie porn.

I think this topic has nothing to do with being gay. It just deals with being f***ed up.

Hmm... I''m actually weary of posting a few links in the ''spirit'' of things. It''s a little hobby of mine to find funny messed up stuff that people will post to the internet. My favorite sites are not the ""So''s all de pepul et de traylorpahk kin c mah sys nekkid"" ones. No, the true filth can be found in mostly legitimate sites. I enjoy several webcomics the most. There are a few out there that would cause blindness in most people! Or head-explody!

Uhm... I think I''ll stick to the mantra: It''s never appropriate. Even if it seems like it might be, it''s not.

You are safe another day!

If you''re talking about the Penny Arcade slash comic, I believe the image above makes it appropraite in this thread.

I''m trying to beat Man-Faye when it comes to ruining good things with inappropriate sexual imagery.

I''m guessing Goatse and Tubgirl are out of the question then.